Cayosoft Further Enhances Hybrid AD Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning in Cayosoft Administrator 10.3.0

Cayosoft Administrator 10.3.0 Release Enhancements

As usual, this release has some significant new capabilities and improvements. Below is meant to showcase the highlights for a complete list of enhancements see What’s New in Cayosoft Administrator.

Major Enhancement

Improved “Suspend” Capability within Automated Provisioning/Deprovisioning Process

Cayosoft uniquely offers roles, rules, and automation to bring governance to hybrid Microsoft environments (on-premises AD, Entra ID/Azure AD, Office 365, and Teams). Unlike generic governance solutions, Cayosoft focuses on your popular Microsoft systems that have been high value cyberattack targets in the past. Our automated provisioning/de-provisioning capabilities are hugely popular among customers both from an efficiency and security perspective. (Saves time and reduces security errors & mistakes)

Some customers and prospects have asked for improvements to our “deprovisioning” process to make administration easier, more secure, and automated. Cayosoft has spent time enhancing how you can “suspend” users vs. “delete” them. Suspend allows you to temporarily halt a user’s access and rights. Some examples to help explain the idea:

  • You can suspend an account, pending a review
  • You can automatically send notifications to managers, subordinates, or work peers letting everyone know
  • You can bulk suspend vs. working account by account (save time)
  • You can suspend action to a later date or “stage it” (e.g. suspend now & in 14 days delete user)

We have made over 20 different improvements within the “suspend” process, many of which were requests from customers and key prospects.

Check out What’s New in Cayosoft Administrator including 10.3.0 release notes for more.

Other Key Enhancements

Automation Rules for Microsoft 365 Group Membership

Continuing with automated processes to both improve efficiency and security, we have enhanced our automation rules for Microsoft 365 group membership. Now you can easily add users to a set of cloud-based groups during hybrid user provisioning. Groups can be a collection of cloud and on-premises users that are automatically kept up to date and don’t rely on continual administrative care for accuracy.

Bulk M365 Contact Management + Web Improvements

Instead of the tedious task of updating or creating users one at a time, we introduced a new feature that expediates the create or modify contacts process. Now you can bulk upload/update contacts, add contacts to groups, and improved delegation with additional custom attribute support.

Device Management Improvements 

We now provide the ability to manage devices in both Azure and on-premises AD with capability of Bitlocker key management. We can now query devices and auto-add them to a selected Azure AD administrative unit for easier and efficient management.

Performance Improvements

We’ve made quite a few performance enhancements in this release. Here’s a quick list of some highlights:

  • Speed back up accessing OneDrive
  • Delivered a ‘remote console’ allowing better remote work
  • Reduced memory consumption during analytics collection

There are another 20+ enhancements not listed above, see them here. 

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