Efficiency Enhancements in Latest Release of Cayosoft Administrator 11.2

We’re pleased to launch new capabilities to reduce the administrative burden placed on Active Directory (AD) management. AD is complex and complicated. Manual changes cause the potential for errors, which lead to mistakes that cyber attackers can exploit. Enough doom and gloom, lets talk about the new enhancements. Below is a quick list of major enhancement in Cayosoft Administrator 11.2, for a complete detailed list of all enhancements, see the release notes.

Major Enhancements to Improve Cayosoft Administrator Productivity

  • Workday HR Integration – Automate processes and keep HR & IT synced without errors
  • Exchange Management Tools Support – Removes need for on-prem Exchange server to have cloud mailboxes
  • Quick Filter by OU in Web AD Queries – Accelerate searches by restricting to specific OUs
  • Family Groups of AD Computers – Create/update a set of computer groups based on selected attributes (gain more flexibility)
As seen above, this release focused on improving the efficiency of your current Active Directory Administrators. Save time, reduce errors, and provide flexible ways to approach administration with Cayosoft Administrator 11.2.

Workday HR Integration

Workday is a seven billion dollar Human Resources software titan founded in 2005. With fifty five million users across ten thousand global customers, Workday is popular, prevalent, and accepted. With Cayosoft’s HR integration, administrators can build automated workflows from and to Workday without concerns of too much time and potential errors. Keep HR and IT coordinated automatically.

Exchange Management Tools Support

Cayosoft Administrator now supports integration with Exchange Management tools that removes the need to deploy an Exchange server on-premises if customers have all their mailboxes in the cloud. It works across multiple domains, forests, or even linked remote mailboxes. Simplify deployment and maintenance and remove another server that drains time and could be exploited.

Quick Filter by OU in Web AD Queries

This one is all about speed. Why search all of AD if you know what you are looking for resides in a particular OU? Cayosoft Administrator now allows delegated administrators to restrict search results to a specific OU vs all AD.

Family Groups of AD Computers

Gain the flexibility to create and update computer groups based on select attributes. Get granular or splice the group in a non-native allowing way.

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