Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets A Fix (Sadly)

Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets a Fix (Sadly)

License to Overfill –  When dealing with complex and constantly evolving technologies, sometimes documentation doesn’t accurately reflect a tech’s actual state. An example of this recently cropped up in Exchange Online mailbox sizing, but with a twist. This time, it’s the documentation that’s correct and the reality that doesn’t match up. It turns out that [...]

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Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders

Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders: Tech Tales from the Tiki Bar

Straight to Trash –  If you’ve seen a rise in legitimate emails in junk folders recently, you’re not the only one.   The culprit? A new anti-spoofing update for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). I’ve found a great post from Paul Cunningham at Practical365 discussing this change and its implications, so check it out for the details. Basically, the new intelligence in the program adds more [...]

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Just Released Cayosoft Administrator 3.0

Cayosoft Administrator 3.0 with new Web Administration Portal The easy way to manage & protect Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365 or Hybrid Deployments The new Cayosoft Administrator connects and simplifies administration across Active Directory, Exchange, Lync and Office 365 making day-to-day tasks dead-easy to accomplish. Administrator 3.0 What’s New (PDF) Simple & Affordable – Deploys in [...]

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