The #1 Way to Prevent Insider Threats

Data Breaches Happen Data security is nothing new. Where there is sensitive information, there are those who seek to access, steal, and misuse it. The unfortunate truth about malicious activities is that a third of all data breaches are perpetrated by someone from inside the company… and that number is growing. Businesses in the united […]

6 Tips to Optimize and Reduce Microsoft Office 365 Licensing Costs – Part Two

Welcome to part two of this blog, where we’re covering six tips to optimize Office 365 license costs.  We recently introduced the first three tips in part one of the blog. Microsoft provides numerous license options and flexibility for organizations, but it’s difficult to make informed decisions on the “best” license for each user and […]

8 Truths and Tips: Avoiding Outages in Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

Unfortunately, Active Directory data loss (in Azure, on-premises and in hybrid environments) is a harsh reality for many organizations, especially as threat of malicious actors breaching AD is on the rise. These business-critical services must be protected from costly outages and threats, which can stop users from getting to email, important documents and applications. While […]

5 Things You Should Know About Hybrid IT in Microsoft Environments

The hybrid IT model can play an important role in your digital transformation and data management, and this includes hybrid Microsoft environments.  Simply stated, the hybrid IT strategy employs a mix that begins with resources in house. Nearly every organization has legacy on-premises computing resources. The second ingredient is cloud platforms. Public cloud services have […]

7 Simple Tasks All New Office 365 Admins Should Learn

As a new Microsoft Office 365 admin, there are some critical Office 365 common admin tasks you need to know. There are the first tasks that you should learn about; the tasks that you’ll find the most common as you maintain and manage the system. This is a review of common and easy techniques that […]

Top Ten Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

It’s happened to all of us. We’re in an important call and a group of coworkers decide to strike up a passionate conversation. We frantically reach for the mouse in an effort to find the mute button but can’t seem to get there quick enough. This is just one of the many situations we can […]

7 Management Tips for Making the Most of Office 365 for Enterprise

When your enterprise adopts Microsoft Office 365, it takes a powerful step towards better productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Yet to properly leverage the robust features of Office 365, you need to first understand all of its capabilities. A migration towards Office 365 begins with a solid understanding of its most important management tips. To help, […]