Disgruntled IT Contractor in Jail | Protect Against Insider Threats

Large-scale internal security breaches are becoming increasingly more popular, costing companies millions of dollars each year. The sum of this loss comes from the financial damages of the breach itself and, in some cases more importantly, damage to the company’s reputation, translating to big dollars off the company’s bottom line. A recent judgement serves as […]

The #1 Way to Prevent Insider Threats

Data Breaches Happen Data security is nothing new. Where there is sensitive information, there are those who seek to access, steal, and misuse it. The unfortunate truth about malicious activities is that a third of all data breaches are perpetrated by someone from inside the company… and that number is growing. Businesses in the united […]

Bridging the Office 365 Insider Threat Security Gap

While Microsoft Office 365 maintains robust  security features, it may not offer the granularity that many enterprises need. When Microsoft Office 365 isn’t maintained and configured properly, it can put  security and compliance requirements in doubt. Here’s what you need to know about the  security features  included in  Office 365 Enterprise, and what companies should […]

We are the enemy | A Look at Insider Threats

  Every company needs to be aware of insider threats. The source of insider threats are employees or administrators that make mistakes or purposefully damage your organization’s IT Systems. Insider threats are pervasive and difficult to defend against, and they require proactive security measures and extensive training to defeat. A company’s worst enemies can be its employees—whether […]