Skype Management Software

Cayosoft Administrator
The best way to manage the Modern Microsoft Enterprise
Simplify and Secure On-premises or in Cloud


Automated user provisioning rules make Skype enabling new account easy. Rules can be run independently or as part of a Runbook for more complex scenarios.


On-going enforcement of Skype Policy Rules ensures that capabilities such as Dial-in, Enterprise Voice or External Access are configured as desired 24×7.


One pane of glass to manage all Skype/Lync Users on-premises or online.  Easily add Skype Online capabilities with Cayosoft Administrator for Office 365.


Cayosoft-Office365-SecureDaytoDayManagementRole for administrators ensure that day-to-day admins or service desk staff are given only the permissions they need to effectively manage Skype Users .

Cayosoft-Office365-UnifiedWebPortalCayosoft’s modern web portal provides a single pane of glass for unified day-to-day management of Skype for Business Users.

Cayosoft-Office365-VisibilityAndReportingReal-time reports detail Skype Server Users or Skype Policies applied to users for much needed administrative visibility without complex scripting.



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