Cayo l Policy Manager™ 1.0 Released

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Cayo l Policy Manager™ 1.0 Released

COLUMBUS, OHIO June 21st, 2013 – Cayo l Software announced the release of Cayo l Policy Manager for Active Directory (AD). Policy Manager provides IT Policy Enforcement for Active Directory to sustain Compliance, Security and Efficiency. Easy to configure Business Rules called Policies continuously scan Active Directory and then take action if the conditions defined by the Policy exist. Administrator and Auditor friendly reports of Policy execution results can be automatically sent by e-mail, stored for later use or printed.

Cayo l Policy Manager also provides out-of-the box integration with Cayo | Suspend. Cayo |Suspend is the solution for the temporary or permanent suspension of AD Users and Groups. While user and group provisioning is important from an efficiency stand-point, deprovsioning is critical from a security stand-point. The combination of Cayo | Suspend to initiate user and group deprovsioning, plus Cayo | Policy Manager to cleanup permanently suspended accounts completes an important scenario for every AD owner or day-to-day administrator.

Cayo | Policy Manager has an embedded 25 day free full featured trial license embedded into the product. After the free trial, subscription, perpetual and freeware licenses are available.



About Cayo Software, LLC

Cayo | Software, empowers Administrators with modern solutions that simplify and enhance the management of your organization’s Islands of Identity starting with Microsoft’s Active Directory. Unlike legacy Identity Management that pre-dates Cloud & Mobile initiatives, Cayo Software’s solutions are designed with cloud, mobile, compliance, security and efficiency in mind.


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