A Better Buggy Beta – PowerShell Module for Teams

Scripting for Success

Microsoft’s PowerShell scripting module for Teams updated to version 0.9.1 last December, but as Tony Redmond points out in a recent article, it’s still infested with both bugs and design flaws. That doesn’t stop him, however, from jumping into a variety of useful cmdlets for the module, walking through scripts for PowerShell setup as well as team and channel management. The second cherry on top of it all is a workaround for the oft-overlooked issue of tracking correspondences between teams and Office 365 groups.

Over here at Cayosoft…

We’re looking forward to seeing further development and improvement as the module continues through its beta. PowerShell could be a powerful tool in Teams administration and automation, but that’s fully dependent on how well the developers adapt their design to the needs of users—and how good they are with their bug zappers.

Tony Redmond’s thorough walkthrough can be found here and he is on Twitter @12Knocksinna.

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