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Office 365 Conflicting License Plan Problem with Microsoft Project


Office 365 Conflicting License Plan Problem with Microsoft Project

Office 365 customers who script license assignment and decide to offer their users Microsoft Project, may run into a problem with conflicting SharePoint plan option assignment. The E1 or G1 plans available in your tenant, it will have SharePoint Plan 1  option assigned. Assigning Microsoft Project requires SharePoint Plan 2 and since you cannot have two SharePoint plans assigned at the same time a conflict arises.  If you set the licenses throug the Office 365 Portal an error is displayed, but if you are relying on scripts they will simply fail and you will have some work to do.

In Cayosoft Administrator 4.0.2 and earlier when using automated license assignment, you will want to create a separate license rule for those users who will get a E1 and Project plan. You can use either use an Enforce License Rule to perform a direct assignment and then add filter to select the project users, or you can use a Enforce License by AD Group rule that and put users into licensing groups to perform the assignments.

For more information on Cayosoft’s Office 365 License Management capabilities visit the Cayosoft Office 365 License Management page.

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