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Why Cayosoft Instead of Netwrix?

Netwrix has made acquisitions in recent past years. Maybe they are focusing on Data Security and less on Active Directory (AD) specifically, but they have some gaps that infrastructure owners should know. Regardless if you’re a Netwrix customer or considering becoming one, Netwrix competitors, like Cayosoft, compare favorably in many key areas. To expedite a conversation, complete the form below.
Identity Governance– Improve identity security & user governance
– Roles, rules, & automation combine for powerful control
– Can audit & report on established roles but cannot create & modify more granular ones
– Cannot write rules to conform behavior
– Cannot build automations to simply remove human errors
Hybrid ManagementSingle console to manage on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, & Teams regardless if seeking roles, rules, automation, change monitoring, or AD recovery
–  No hybrid console for roles, rules, & automation
–  No hybrid console for change monitoring (4-5 separate products)
– No hybrid console combining recovery of objects, attributes, policies, & full AD forests
AD Forest RecoveryInstant AD forest recovery: patent-pending ability to recover your AD within minutes of a mistake, attack, or disaster!
No AD forest recovery capability

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Deeper Look Into the Technology

True Hybrid Administration

Native Microsoft tools for hybrid environments mean juggling 20+ separate consoles and constant frustration. Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single, unified console for streamlined management of on-premises AD, Azure/Entra ID AD, Office 365, and Teams.


  • Slash Microsoft management time. Gain the efficiency you need.
  • Future-proof your IT. Seamlessly manage hybrid environments now and as they evolve.
  • Ditch per-service licensing and simplify your IT stack. Cayosoft = one product, one console.

Instant AD Forest Recovery — Patent-Pending Technology

Ditch slow, complex Active Directory forest recovery. Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery restores your AD in seconds, ensuring business continuity after accidents, attacks, or disasters. Our unique approach automates backups, deployment, and testing DAILY on standby servers – unlike Netwrix and other outdated methods.


  • Minimize downtime: Resume operations 10x faster vs. native or 3rd party solutions.
  • Slash admin workload: Automated recovery eliminates manual effort and errors.
  • Ensure compliance: One-click recovery aligns with Microsoft’s 35+ recommended operations.

Control Access

Cayosoft Administrator helps you break the risky cycle of giving global admin rights. Easily delegate granular roles across on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, and Teams for a least-privileged IT model.


  • Strengthen security: End over-privileged IT accounts, a prime target for attacks.
  • Optimize workloads: Delegate common tasks to lower-level admins, freeing up experts.
  • Empower users: Reduce helpdesk strain with secure self-service options.
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With comprehensive solutions, exceptional support, and frequent releases it’s no surprise we have 99% customer retention and over 80% of customers choose Cayosoft over competitors, like Semperis.

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