Faster, Easier Sign-in for Office 365 Apps

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Microsoft recently updated some aids for a faster, easier sign-in for Office 365 and more. That may seem like a small changebut considering how much time is spent around here signing in and out of Office 365, Azure, and connected apps, we’re welcoming the upgrade. To start, rather than navigating all the way to the My Apps portal, then to the desired app page (or if you’re this cluttered writer, having multiple bars of bookmarks at all times), you can now access any Azure AD-connected app from a simple browser extension. One click on the blue waffle-like icon brings up a dropdown where your most frequently used apps are only another click away; for less used apps, a small search bar is provided. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, the plugin—which goes by the name of My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension—also manages saved passwords and team accounts. The announcement also touts an update for the Intune Managed Browser, which is designed for enhanced security on mobile devices. With the update, the browser launches to the My Apps page and has some of the additional functionality you might expect from any normal mobile browser. Previous versions of My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension and the Intune Managed Browser didn’t end up with stellar user reviews (or very many, for that matter), so we’re curious to see whether this new and revamped version will create a more enthusiastic response—either online or at our office. For more, Microsoft’s announcement can be read here.

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