Cayosoft Summer Release Highlights

New enhancements released in Cayosoft Administrator 10.2 and Cayosoft Guardian 4.3

Hopefully your summer has been filled with fun and sun, while our developers have been hard at work building new enhancements and streamlining existing ones. Below we highlight major or noteworthy enhancements, but if you want specifics, we encourage you to read the release notes which links are provided below.

Cayosoft Administrator 10.2 – Release Highlights

This release is largely an existing feature enhancement release, development spent this sprint attacking customer requests and issues. For a specific summary of enhancements in particular areas, please access Release Notes.

The signature enhancement related to Product Configuration is that we have tested and confirmed work support for GCC (Government Community Cloud) and GCC High, which are very secure Office 365 environments constructed specifically for government entities, vendors, and contractors within the federal ecosystem.

Another enhancement worth noting is the ability to use our fat client on-premises console over the internet, allowing your Active Directory admins the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. We bring hybrid worlds together, Azure AD/Entra ID, Office 365, Teams, and on-prem AD.

Other noteworthy enhancements in the area of Automation Rules & Reports: Firstly, we give you the ability to automate building groups based on multiple attributes. This is a capability Microsoft does NOT offer. For example, we could build a unique group of all Salespeople who live in Ohio or build a group of employees with a specific area code.

Secondly, we are beginning to support device management through Microsoft InTune. We manage devices connected to InTune for greater visibility and control; side-by-side with user and group management. As with any enhancements, they are best seen vs read, schedule your demo here.

For more information, please visit links below:

10.2 Release Notes    |    Support    |    Administrator Page    |    Contact Sales

Cayosoft Guardian 4.3 – Release Highlights

* A reminder that Cayosoft Guardian updates automatically. There is no installation or update procedure. If you do not want to use a particular new feature, simply don’t.

MAJOR ENHANCEMENT – Change monitoring & Recovery for Azure AD Enterprise Apps & Registrations

Cayosoft Guardian now allows you to monitor changes and recover data for Azure Enterprise Applications, App Registrations, Consents, App role assignments, and more. This enables you to keep track of any suspicious or unauthorized activities in the Azure AD environment, and more quickly identify potential security threats. Even better, with alerting rules, you can automatically respond to such threats and risks. By unifying changes in objects related to applications, Cayosoft Guardian provides better insight into application security and provides the tools to enable organizational-approved changes to Enterprise Applications.

For more specific information and a detailed list of enhancements, click the release notes link below:

4.3 Release Notes    |    Support    |    Guardian Page    |    Contact Sales

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