Cayosoft Announces Management and Protection Suite for All Microsoft Environments

Cayosoft is pleased to announce the latest release of its Management and Protection Suite, which enables organizations to manage, monitor, and protect Microsoft services, users and identities – including on-premises, Microsoft 365, and hybrid environments – in a single offering. The Suite includes Cayosoft Administrator v8 and Cayosoft Guardian v2.
What’s New in Cayosoft Administrator v8

Cayosoft Administrator v8 secures and simplifies day-to-day hybrid and cloud Microsoft administration. Highlights include:

Privileged Group Management Enhancements
Cayosoft group management automatically and dynamically keeps groups accurate and up-to-date. This release provides even more control of who and when someone can be granted group membership access.

  • Temporal (Time-based) group memberships: Administrators may now set a date and time when a user is put into a group and/or date and time when the member will be removed.
  • Membership Duration Limits: Time limits may now be set on the maximum duration of membership for privileged groups. Ideal for privileged groups, users can be added, but will automatically be removed according to the membership time limit set on the group. Unlike Temporal Group memberships, Membership Durations are set centrally and provide excellent security and compliance controls not provided by native tools.
  • Eligible Members Rules: Set defined requirements that must be met prior to a user being allowed to be added as a member of a privileged group. Users that meet membership eligibility are considered candidate for membership while those not meeting the requirements cannot be added.

Microsoft Teams Calling Plan and Direct Routing Phone Number Management
Administrator automates the management and provisioning of Direct Routing Phone Numbers for customers using third-party telcos as well as assigns Direct Inward Dialing (DID) phone numbers provided by Microsoft. Cayosoft manages the available phone numbers, reclaims numbers when users leave, automatically assigns the correct license, assigns the next available phone number, and assigns Teams user policies required for Direct Routing like the Teams voice-routing policy.

For a complete list of enhancements, check out What’s New in Administrator

What’s New in Cayosoft Guardian v2

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data after mistakes or malicious changes. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand, and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment. Highlights include:

Automatic Rollback after Critical Change Alerts
Custom Change Alerts can now be created to notify admins when critical changes are detected. Alerts can be added to any query across any connected Azure AD tenants or Active Directory forests.

Custom Reports delivered by email or Microsoft Teams
Custom Reports can now be created and sent to admins when an important change(s) has been detected. Reports can be exported to HTML or CSV, as well as delivered as a link to the Guardian Web Portal.

More Protection for Legacy Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
Cayosoft Guardian now provides monitoring and protection for On-premises AD Schema, Configuration, and Application partitions. With the new version, change records contain security descriptors in a human-readable format.  A new built-in alerting rule notifies an administrator about mailbox permissions and forwarding rules changes.

Delegation Over Microsoft Recycle Bins
Delegation over on-premises and cloud Microsoft Recycle Bin has been added through integration with Cayosoft Administrator. This integration limits day-to-day administrators or help desk staff such that they may only see and restore deleted objects over which they have administrative permissions.

For a complete list of enhancements, check out What’s New in Guardian

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