What’s the difference between Microsoft user-based MFA and Azure MFA?

  If your business relies on cloud computing services, it’s essential that you set security defaults that include multi–factor authentication (MFA) to protect your resources. Protecting your user accounts during a sign in event is vital for securing accounts that require privileged access to data and other resources in the cloud. MFA has become the standard in electronic […]

7 Management Tips for Making the Most of Office 365 for Enterprise

When your enterprise adopts Microsoft Office 365, it takes a powerful step towards better productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Yet to properly leverage the robust features of Office 365, you need to first understand all of its capabilities. A migration towards Office 365 begins with a solid understanding of its most important management tips. To help, […]

What’s an On-Premises Data Gateway? – Hybrid Tech Tips

What's an On-Premise Data Gateway? - Hybrid Tech Tips

Right Out of the Gate –  Shane Young at Petri recently brought up the existence of Microsoft’s on-premises data gateway, an oft-forgotten but handy tool for hybrid data management. Today in Hybrid Tips & Tricks, we’ll be discussing this easy-to-set-up, (almost) free Microsoft tool.  The on-premises data gateway is a pipeline from on-premises data stores to cloud stores, apps, or servers. Automatic data transfers […]