Avoid These Surprising Adoption Challenges of Office 365

Avoid These Surprising Adoption Challenges of Office 365Embrace Change

Moving to Office 365 can be a big task, but it’s often more complex than administrators initially believe. As recently discussed on this very blog, even the most careful IT team can run into unexpected adoption challenges of Office 365.  Reda Chouffani’s recent must-read article on this topic discusses in-depth some of these challenges.

Take PowerShell, for example. The article rightly points out that Office 365 workloads often require use of PowerShell for manual scripting tasks since the web portal is limited in utility. This means IT operators need to become ever more proficient at PowerShell as their supported systems become more diverse and numerous. Additionally, manual scripting means added complexity, greater chance of human error, and a reliance on historic knowledge of extant scripts. 

Cayosoft Administrator bypasses these issues handily. Automation and simplicity are major themes at Cayosoft, so the web portal was purpose-built to make what formerly were scripted tasks fast and easy. Since tools are already built in to the program, admins no longer require extensive PowerShell knowledge. This too means the mistakes associated with manual scripting are neatly avoided.

Other issues brought up by the article that are easily alleviated with Cayosoft Administrator include license administration, new security and compliance questions, and the simultaneous management of multiple platforms and apps—not to mention everything else wrapped up in the tool. 

Unfortunate Alternatives

In his breakdown, Chouffani kindly points to some Microsoft tools intended to help resolve the discussed problems. We can say from hard-won experience, however, that the tools Microsoft has available often don’t provide the granularity, customizability, and control needed for day-to-day use. And on top of that, the larger an enterprise is, the more these issues magnify in scale. 

Too often we hear from customers that Microsoft’s tools just haven’t caught up to the practical needs of IT teams. As such, if you’re considering moving to Office 365 in part or fully, be sure to take into account the challenges you’re likely to face as well as how you’re going to defeat them. Take it from us: you don’t want to be blindsided after the move is complete.

The excellent article from Reda Chouffani (@healthcareITGuy) can be found here. If you wish to learn more about the solutions that Cayosoft offers, check us out here

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