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Considering Hybrid? Start HereHow to Hybrid

In some far-off future, we might all live in the cloud. But keeping one foot on the ground—so to speak—is going to be the most practical and possible solution for most enterprises for some time to come. This hybrid concept is nothing new, but adoption continues to grow enormously everywhere. 

In an authoritative article for Petri, Michael Otey lays out some of the major benefits and considerations of a hybrid setup. He pinpoints the flexibility hybrid gives, as well as the cost benefits and disaster recovery implications. Otey also highlights identity management, security, and compliance as areas needing particular scrutiny when moving to a hybrid setup. 

Our Perspective:

All of Otey’s points are valid—but our experience in this industry gives us something more to contribute to the conversation.

Here’s the thing. The individual complexities of dealing with legacy systems and with cloud systems compound and amplify when joined together; the challenges in managing both systems are greater than the sum of their parts.  

This was a common problem for many Cayosoft customers. While the advantages of moving to hybrid are powerful, day-to-day administration can be arduous. Hybrid’s operational benefits can quickly vanish when admins start juggling management across disconnected systems using complex scripts as well as dealing with new license complexities and synchronization problems—all while trying to maintain security, efficiency, and compliance.

We’re intimately familiar with these kinds of issues. In fact, we built the Cayosoft Administrator platform to address them. The more prevalent, diverse and useful hybrid IT becomes to end users, the more essential it is that IT administrators have the operational control they need to effectively and securely manage those diverse and interlocking systems. 

Hybrid isn’t just a good option—quite often it is the only reasonable option for the modern enterprise. Ensuring that the change is smooth, secure, and sustainable takes consideration, communication, and (if we may be so bold) a little help from Cayosoft. 


The article from Michael Otey (@michael_otey) is here. And if you want to read more about Cayosoft Administrator, check it out here.

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