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On-premises Active Directory (AD) is critical to the operations of today’s enterprise. When Active Directory fails, expensive outages occur and critical IT objectives are jeopardized. Native tools fail to control how admins work with Active Directory forcing them to constantly perform time consuming repetitive maintenance.   Relying on memory and potentially error prone manual procedures or suspicious and possibly dangerous and scripts is no way to run your IT business. AD requires secure management and on-going protection to avoid outages and eliminate end-user down time. All IT Teams recognize that AD is critical to meeting and sustaining security, compliance and efficiency objectives and will continue to be as they travel along the journey to hybrid and cloud.

Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite Products

Cayosoft Administrator
Manage and Automate Active Directory and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Administrator solves AD Management problems with roles and rules designed to provide delegation and control over key day-to-day admin tasks so you can concentrate on keeping AD running as expected.  Administrator’s unique architecture protects AD from insider threats and mistakes and delivers better security, improved efficiency and sustained compliance controls demanded by directory owners, auditors and compliance officers.

Hybrid AD Management
  Office 365 Optimization
Automates Group Management
Password & Group Self-Service


Cayosoft Guardian
Recover and Protect Azure AD and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment.  When rollback is needed, Guardian provides an automated recovery plan that does not involve incomplete or time-consuming backup files.

  Immediate Recovery
  Single Hybrid Solution
  Hybrid Change Alerting
  Beyond Recycle Bins


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Ready for the Hybrid and Cloud IT Journey
Both Cayosoft Administrator and Cayosoft Guardian were designed and built from the beginning with Hybrid and Cloud Management in mind. Both products offer a solution that manages and protects Microsoft Platforms on-premises, in hybrid mode, and in the cloud.
Role and Rule Based Administration
Role Based Security makes delegating what users see and do within Cayosoft Administrator simple. One unified set of easy to configure roles enforce a granular least privileged administrative model over all of the systems being managed. Roles do not require the user to hold native permissions, so the number of Domain, Enterprise or Global Admins can be reduced to a secure number of people. Rule Based Administration delivers a consistent way of performing administrative tasks across on-premises or cloud systems. When a task requires automation or on-going enforcement, a rule can be created that query the underlying system and then take action if necessary. Here are some examples of what rules can do:

  • Set default values
  • Schedule import of HR data to provision/deprovision accounts
  • Reset passwords for multiple user accounts
  • Determine where new objects should be created
  • Automatically move objects to the correct OU
  • Update Attributes of Multiple Users or Groups
  • Define where admins can move objects
  • Update display names or other attributes[/column]
  • Find and Suspend inactive accounts
  • Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules
  • Automate Critical Tasks without Scripting
  • Query On-premises system and update Cloud systems
  • Query Cloud systems and update On-premises systems
  • Email Alert Notifications
  • Discovery & Reporting
Eliminate Complex Scripts
Microsoft’s native tools completely lack automation and IT Rule Enforcement. Microsoft PowerShell, while powerful, can be confusing and difficult to support. When vendors require scripting to make their product work they are making some big assumptions. The first assumption is that the customer knows how to script and has in-depth expert knowledge about the systems, applications or directories to be modified. Second, the vendor assumes the customer has the time and money to learn a scripting language, plan and research coding methods, build and later support the programs created. Scripting things correctly, even PowerShell, is time consuming and expensive.
Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules
On-going IT Policy enforcement is critical for maintaining security and for sustaining legal or regulatory compliance goals. Administrator will keep an eye on important systems like Active Directory to make sure that key IT business policies are being enforced. Optionally, Administrator can be configured to take action in the target system to correct policy violations.
Bulk Administration
Bulk management avoids wasting valuable time and possible errors that come with manually updating larger numbers of user accounts and other objects. Bulk management can help:

  • Create User Accounts  from Text Files or from Microsoft SQL Server
  • Reset passwords for multiple user accounts
  • Move users between OUs
  • Export a list of objects to a CSV (comma separated variable) file
  • Update Attributes of Multiple Users or Groups
  • Update display names or other attributes
  • Enable/disable/delete Inactive accounts in AD
Email Notifications
Email notifications is built into Administrator allowing administrators, help desk staff, managers, mobile or desktop users to receive important alerts and information when needed. Email alerting is an optional part of each alert scenario and works with popular SMTP Servers like on-premise Microsoft Exchange or cloud based Office 365 and Google Mail.
Real-time Visibility & Basic Reporting
At the heart of Cayosoft Administrator  is data discovery. Administrator works by connecting and querying a source system like Active Directory, an Excel CSV file or a Cloud Application. Next Administrator filters, sorts and analyses the information to determine if any action is needed.
Obsolete Object Retention Policy Enforcement
Permanent deletion for user and groups after the suspension period or date and time defined by the administrator using Cayosoft Suspend. Ideal uses are:

  • Enforce retention of users and groups according to the organization’s audit or security policy.
  • Prevent the premature loss of objects whose SIDs are critical to understanding who had access to what.
  • Keep Active Directory clean and efficient by deleting suspended users and groups that are no longer needed.
Why Cayosoft


  • Single Unified Platform
  • Manages Hybrid Exchange
  • Manages Manage Hybrid AD
  • Manages Office 365
  • Automates Group Automation
  • Extends for Self-Services
  • Helps with Office 365 Migrations


  • Makes day-to-day tasks easy
  • Automates account creation
  • Automates resource assignments
  • Modernizes Management
  • Eliminates complex scripts
  • No “Extra” LDAP or SQL Servers
  • Easy to install & maintain


  • Protect & Secure Active Directory
  • Least Privileged Enforcement
  • Secures Access
  • Role based security
  • Reduces Domain Admin Assignments
  • Sustains Compliance Objectives
  • Obsolete Object Remediation


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