Another Month, Another Onslaught of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware & Malware – Not "IF" but "WHEN". Are We Ready to Do Something About It?

I’m going to play a little Captain Obvious here but cyberattacks, particularly ransomware and malware, continue to embarrass organizations globally. Boards of directors and executive leadership teams at enterprises, big and small, claim to be concerned about cyberattack impact, but we continue to see large, public examples peppered throughout the news every week, month, quarter, and year.

2023 is No Different

2023 is starting off no different than any other year. Just in February, we’ve seen at least 106 data breaches and cyberattacks, totaling over 300 million breached records so far this year. A ransomware attack on Minneapolis Public Schools, serving nearly 35,000 students, effected badge access, camera, phones, copier, printers, and more. Another major cyberattack on Dish Network caused outages, fear, and reputation loss. The U.S. Marshal Service was also hit by a ransomware attack, leaking sensitive information its employees and investigations. On top of that, it allowed the attacker to demand a ransom for stolen, encrypted files. Maybe this will be the year organizations will take a stand and begin edging the IT security war toward the enterprise and away from the attacker!

Microsoft Active Directory is used by 90%, Controls Access, & is a Prime Target for Cyberattacks

Active Directory (AD) outages can have devastating results; users can’t access PCs or Microsoft Office, including Outlook/Exchange, SharePoint, and Word. Any supply chain or customer enabled applications using AD permissions will be offline. Paid employees not working, idle suppliers, and customers without the ability to purchase can cause HUGE financial losses in mere days!

Instant Forest Recovery = Back to Normal Operations — FAST

Cayosoft’s patent-pending technology greatly expedites the entire AD forest recovery process. Unlike legacy forest recovery, Cayosoft backups are generated daily, so you know the latest changes have been saved. The recovery process can begin on-prem, in the cloud, or on a remote server, giving you flexibility to standup wherever is most convenient. Legacy recovery often takes days, if not weeks, delaying normal operations and extending the “loss period.” Cayosoft instant forest recovery takes a few minutes!

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