Announcing Cayosoft Administrator v8.3 | See What’s New!

Cayosoft is excited to announce its newest version of Administrator!

Purpose-built for hybrid Microsoft environments, Cayosoft provides advanced management functionality demanded by enterprises throughout their journey to the cloud. Our frequent updates and customer-focused development allows us to better serve our customers and provide timely, new features to help keep with industry and Microsoft’s pace of change. To that note, we’re excited to announce Cayosoft Administrator v8.3, which includes numerous enhancements to our comprehensive Microsoft management software, for on-premises Active Directory (AD), hybrid AD, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and more. Below are a few highlights.

Family Groups

For this update, we sought to remove the complex and error-prone nature of the group management process. Our new Family Groups feature allows you to automatically create and populate AD groups, with one set of criteria. Using Family Groups, group creation and membership assignments are kept up-to-date automatically and dynamically, based on the attributes specified in the criteria and memberships.

License Profiles

We’ve improved our Microsoft 365 license management with License Profiles. A License Profile is a collection of Office 365 licenses that can be enforced together when assigning licenses to a user. Our new License Profiles feature allows you to name a set of Microsoft Licensing settings and then delegate profile admins, simplifying license assignment and ensuring the correct license, every time.

License Quota Dashboard

A new License Quota Dashboard has been added. License Quota management makes it even easier to use License Quotas to divvy up tenant licenses between different groups of delegated admins. Our new License Quota Dashboard allows delegated administrators to now manage license quotas in the Cayosoft Administrator Web Portal.

There are many more additional updates! View all of the Cayosoft Administrator v8.3 enhancements here.

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