Announcing Cayosoft Administrator 5.4.2

Cayosoft is proud to announce the general release of Cayosoft Administrator 5.4.2. This service release includes several new features that were added to improve the usability and performance of the product. To learn more about 5.4.2 read the What’s New here.

Top 3 New Features

Web Portal SSO

Automatic user sign-in was added to the Web Portal for Active Directory user accounts. This provides a seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for administrators and self-service users who sign-on from a domain-joined machine.

Free Active Directory Management Tools

After completion of the free 25-day Full Trial, Cayosoft Administrator 5.4.2 switches to Community Freeware mode. In Community Freeware Mode you can delegate and manage Active Directory using the Web Portal and get reports about your Active Directory, Office 365 and Exchange environment. No license is required for the Community Freeware Mode.

Free Microsoft Teams Reports

New reports that list all teams with their properties and Office 365 Team Members with additional member properties.

Download 5.4.2 Here


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