Simplify and Automate Microsoft Exchange Administration

Cayosoft Administrator™ for Exchange

Cayosoft Administrator™ for Exchange streamlines any Microsoft Exchange administration with enterprise level control and ongoing Role & Rule enforcement. While Microsoft provides a good administrative interface, it is separated from Active Directory and can be overly complex for day-to-day tasks. Role and Rule enforcement saves time and allows you to concentrate on more important matters. Indispensable to Exchange administrators, help desk, security admins and auditors, Administrator helps sustain security, compliance and efficiency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Administrator for Exchange is an extension of Cayosoft Administrator and is built to support both on-premises & remote mailboxes. 

Why Cayosoft Administrator for ExchangeDivider-Drop-Blue-2


  • Makes day-to-day tasks easy
  • Automates recipient management
  • Manages Remote Mailboxes
  • Policies, Features, Delivery Options
  • Manages distribution groups
  • Eliminates complex scripts
  • No “Extra” LDAP or SQL Servers


  • Protects & Secures Exchange
  • Recipient Delegation & Restrictions
  • Least Privileged Enforcement
  • Delegation Management
  • Role based security
  • Reduces Org Wide Admin Assignments
  • Sustains Compliance Objectives

Simplify & Automate Exchange AdministrationDivider-Drop-Blue-2

Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration

Platform FeaturesSystem RequirementsLicensingFree Tools
Role and Rule Based Administration
Automate without Complex Workflow or Scripts
Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules
Download New Functionality
Bulk Administration
Email Notifications
Real-time Visibility & Basic Reporting
Obsolete Object Retention Policy Enforcement
Software Requirements
Service Account Requirements
Hardware Requirements
How many licenses do I need?
Subscription vs. Perpetual Licensing
Standard or Premium Support
Access to New Features Included with License

FREE Visibility & Reporting

  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Simple & Secure
  • Hybrid ready
  • Reports where and when needed
  • Free for any sized organization

FREE Office 365 Tools

  • Use Administrator for Office 365 for FREE!
  • Complete the 25-day free full-trial and continue in Freeware mode
  • Full Product for organization < 200 users, FREE

FREE Active Directory Tools

  • Use Administrator for AD for FREE!
  • After the 25-day free full-trial, continue in Freeware mode
  • Full Product for organization < 200 users, FREE

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