Top 10 Current and Upcoming Outlook Updates

Top 10 Current and Upcoming Outlook UpdatesA truckload of new Outlook updates are steadily rolling toward users on every platform from Android to Windows. Here’s the rundown on the ten most noteworthy of these changes, available in Outlook now or within the next few months, ranked accordingly:

1 – Bcc Warning

You’ll be alerted you if you’re responding to a Bcc email, preventing the dreaded Reply All to hundreds of addresses. It’s safe to say that we’ve all been waiting for this one for a few decades now.

When: Now available on Outlook for Windows

2 – Quick Reply

This mobile quality-of-life update can’t come soon enough. When replying to an email, the original message remains at the top of the screen in a more modern, chat-like format. Scrolling up will display earlier messages in the thread.

When: Already extant in Outlook for iOS; coming to Android in June, Mac in late summer.

3 – Single Device, Single Office 365 Account

On company mobile devices, security and compliance are king. Now, if policy requires it, users on such devices can be only permitted to attach one Office 365 account to Outlook. This keeps users from inadvertently copying info from a company Office 365 account to a personal or accidentally sending company info from personal accounts.

When: Coming to both iOS and Android in June

4 – SOCKS Proxy Support

In the same vein, some organizations use SOCKS proxies on mobile devices to separate company data even further from the internet. Outlook now supports the use of these proxies.

When: Now available on iOS and Android

5 – Multiple Time Zone Support

Travelling? You can now track events on the Calendar across multiple time zones. Collaborate often with people in other countries? Set the Calendar to track both your and their time zones for events and meetings. Think of it as the modern equivalent of covering a wall in different clocks.

When: Now out for Outlook for Windows,, and Mac.

6 – Sync Drafts Across Devices

The long-awaited ability to draft a message on one device and finish on another finally comes to iOS, catching it up with the other platforms.

When: Extant elsewhere; coming to iOS in June.

7 – Block External Content

The bane of email marketers everywhere. This update blocks the specialized images used to track whether you’ve opened an email or not. Enable it if you’re paranoid.

When: Coming to Android in May

8 – Show Organization Directory Details

Not sure who you’re talking to? Outlook contact info now shows an organization’s directory data (if that info is connected to Azure AD). See the chain of command behind an individual as well as who they habitually work with.

When: Now in Outlook for iOS

9 – Meeting RSVP Tracking

Events on Calendar will show tracked RSVPs for all your meetings (not just the ones you’re organizing). At a glance, you can see who’s going or not—and if that great guy Bill’s attending a guaranteed snoozefest, you won’t need to go yourself, right? He’s got it handled.

When: Coming “soon” for Outlook for Windows and

10 – Billing Scheduling, Payment

Outlook already automatically adds events to your calendar when it detects flight information, hotel reservations, car rentals, package delivery, dining reservations, and general events like concerts and games. Now it’ll do the same for bills, adding due dates to your calendar and reminding you two days before that date. It’s clear Microsoft is intending to eventually link this to the ability to pay bills directly from Outlook via Microsoft Pay.

When: Now available for

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