AD and Office 365 Compliance IT Controls

Simplify Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft 365 administration in today’s modern hybrid environment. With automation and IT rule enforcement, you save time and money by allowing administrators or help desk staff to concentrate on more important matters. Indispensable to administrators, help desk, security admins and auditors, Cayosoft Administrator helps sustain security, compliance, and efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Simplify Administration & Reporting

Sustain SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance regulations with the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite.  With built-in rules that enforce policies, such as the Object Retention Policy to efficiently complete user and group deprovisioning, Cayosoft Administrator makes it easy to respond to compliance or security audits.  For example, Administrator will scan Active Directory and identify the users and groups that are scheduled for permanent deletion, delete objects after the assigned retention period, and audit the date and time the permanent deletion occurred. 

Simplify Compliance

Verify the accuracy of group memberships and easily eliminate unnecessary groups to fulfill security and compliance regulations. Cayosoft Administrator automates the process of periodically asking group owners to verify group memberships in order to satisfy key compliance control and audit requirements. 

Streamline Compliance Certification Reviews

With Cayosoft Administrator, security and compliance certification reviews with attestation satisfies many legal, compliance and security requirements found in HIPPA, SOX and PCI and other regulations. In addition to verifying group memberships, these controls will identify and optionally suspend/disable unused or unwanted groups, reducing your overall management burden. 

Simplify Your Response to Security Audits

IT audits require pulling information from multiple sources that are not easily understandable at a glance.  Effortlessly maintain security compliance with Cayosoft Guardian, which unifies changes across your entire AD domains, Azure AD tenants, and hybrid environment for easy access. Permissions, identities, and events are organized and filtered for ease of access. Queries can also be saved to quickly pull frequently requested reports.   

Enforce Segregation of Duties

For security and compliance reasons, an “Auditors Only Group” that may allow the clearing of security logs, should not contain members that are actually being audited. If a user that is being audited is accidentally added to the “Auditors Only Group”, Cayosoft Administrator’s Dynamic Group Rules will automatically remove the user from the group, sustaining the security or compliance requirement. 

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