Active Directory Migration Preparation

Make your Active Directory Migration Affordable & Efficient

Migrations are sometimes viewed as a pain that must be endured in order to get to a new platform, unify the underlying architecture, or combine two organizations. At the same time, a migration is also a chance to start over. The benefit of being given a clean slate is that you can setup the target environment using the insight you gained before the migration was needed. Even when a migration is the result of an acquisition, both the acquirer and the acquired can benefit from the migration and use it as an opportunity to optimize how you manage day-today administration.

Keys to Successful Migration Planning

Use an Affordable and Solid Migration Tool

Migration can be complex. For organizations for more than handful of users, the technical steps required to perform a migration can be error-prone if done manually.  Third-party vendors charge between $12 and $24 for each user to be migrated, often because they assume the cost will be hidden in M&A fees. Most organizations can’t afford this and turn to manual migrations or PowerShell; neither of which are recommended.

Microsoft Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) is a free solution provided by Microsoft that will help migrate users between Active Directory Forests and domains. This is a solid solution that has evolved over many years and is great alternative for small- and medium-sized organizations.

Migrate with Management in Mind

Unless post-migration management is considered, the end-state of the migration may actually make the new environment more difficult to manage; increasing the operational costs and reducing the benefit of the migration to the organization.

Cayosoft Administrator provides automation and IT rule enforcement for your Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and hybrid Microsoft environment. Ongoing enforcement of your IT business policies help to automate the cleanup of both source and target environments pre-migration and ensure the target is compliant secure and efficient post-migration.

Save Time & Money with Pre-Migration Cleanup

If you want to make your migration as easy and cost-effective as possible, then consider cleanup of AD users and groups before you migrate. 

For example, it’s important to try to reduce group proliferation and have visibility into group usage. Because groups are used to grant access, the number of groups often increases over time as new resources come online faster than old ones are decommissioned.  And that’s in addition to the fact that administrators can be afraid of removing groups because they could potentially impact service availability to end-users.  As the number of groups increases in an environment, the purpose of each group becomes increasingly difficult to track, which can lead to errors and security challenges related to granting access to resources.  

Cayosoft Administrator’s Suspend feature provides a non-destructive alternative to deleting groups, allowing you to temporarily prevent the group from being used for security or distribution list operations. Cayosoft Administrator monitors the target directory and notifies your IT team if unnecessary groups or users are found so that appropriate action can be taken.

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