Instant Forest Recovery with Standby Directories

Cayosoft’s Instant Forest Recovery with standby directories is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools, providing true forest-level fault tolerance. Cayosoft’s standby directory recovery architecture is revolutionizing Active Directory forest recovery and, with its’ numerous benefits, it’s a clear choice when deciding between legacy forest recovery or a modern, unified full forest recovery solution. Download PDF

Financial Services Organization Chooses Cayosoft’s Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery

As ransomware attacks continue to increase, a prominent east coast financial services organization recognized the potentially devastating consequences an attack would pose to both business operations and to their clients. Challenge Reduce outages & recover as quickly as possible Ensure hybrid AD is resilient from cyberattacks Solution must be easy to implement & maintain Eliminate forest […]

Management and Protection Suite

Purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite offers a complete solution for security, protection, and efficiency, by combining both Administrator and Guardian into one comprehensive package.

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery

This is the only solution for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory continuous change monitoring, immediate object and attribute recovery, partition recovery, domain controller recovery, and automated, immediate full forest recovery. Download PDF

Zero Trust Identity Administration and Identity Resilience to Secure Hybrid Active Directory

On-Demand Managing hybrid Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) together is both complex and time-consuming. As the complexity of Microsoft environments continues to rise, the need to implement strong, yet efficient, security controls is critical. Organizations must enhance security measures to eliminate potential vulnerabilities, improve IT efficiency, and become more resilient to […]

Cayosoft Guardian

This is the only solution to combine AD monitoring and backup across Microsoft environments. With Cayosoft Guardian, IT admins can quickly see, understand, and rollback mistakes or malicious changes to Active Directory objects, attributes, and settings, allowing your business operations to immediately recover without time-consuming recovery processes or incomplete backup files. Download PDF

8 Truths and Tips: Protecting Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

IT teams must protect from insider threats, which can cause costly security breaches, and from outages, which can stop users from getting access to critical applications. Read the paper to see 8 truths and tips to help you: Better protect your environment Understand the gaps in native tools Plan for the inevitable recovery event Download […]

Combating Cyberattacks in 2022: Prepare to Defend Your Active Directory

On-Demand As seen in recent years, cyberattacks and the threat of ransomware continued to reach new heights in 2021. Not only that, but we also saw threat actors targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, like water treatment facilities, gas pipelines, and healthcare, as we’ve never seen before. It’s predicted that cybercrime costs the world $6 trillion annually. […]

Achieving Active Directory Resilience with Immediate Forest Recovery

On-Demand Experts predict that a ransomware attack now occurs every 11 seconds. As cyberattacks continue to increase, it is no surprise establishing cyber resilience has become a top priority for organizations. Protecting your company’s vital IT infrastructure starts with the cornerstone: your Microsoft directories. Why? Your Active Directory (AD) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) […]