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Quest Software Customers are Switching to Cayosoft!

ActiveRoles was once a great choice for managing on-prem AD.  Your environment has evolved and Hybrid changes everything.  Is ARS still the best tool for you?

Securing and managing hybrid Microsoft means using services like Azure AD Connect and ADFS. You should not have to struggle with legacy management tools that require a patchwork of duplicate services, add-on modules, complex workflows or extra databases. Especially when legacy tools do not add much to hybrid security, efficiency or compliance.

Cayosoft is proud to offer the Quest Replacement Program.

The Cayosoft Difference

Cayosoft solutions are purpose-built to help you manage and protect your Microsoft environment – including on-premises, hybrid and cloud-only – every step of the way.

  • Single screen TrueHybrid architecture
  • One place to manage on-premises & cloud
  • No extra scripts, SQL DBs or add-ons needed
  • Quarterly feature releases 
  • Fair pricing policies

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Contact us to find out why approximately 2 million licenses of OneIdentity/ActiveRoles® have been replaced or displaced by Cayosoft!

Dare to Compare: Architecture

Consolidate Tools with Cayosoft

The Quest replacement program simplifies the process of replacing legacy AD management tools.  

Replace the functionality of several Quest tools with one unified solution from Cayosoft.

With the lack of true hybrid capabilities, the closing of many of Quest’s development labs, the departure of key experts & executives, and questions about the future of the “New” Quest Software – customers are looking at Cayosoft as a reliable & viable alternative.


Others Who Trust Cayosoft

Ask about special replacement pricing

The Quest ActiveRoles Replacement Program offer is valid only for new purchases of Cayosoft Administrator. Only new customers who have never purchased a Cayosoft product previously will be eligible for this offer. This offer is also valid for public sector licenses, and cannot be combined with other promotions or special pricing, hosting licenses, education licenses or internal use licenses. This offer is only available for new licenses and does not apply to prepaid support or any other related support purchases, which will follow typical Cayosoft licensing guidelines. Offer valid through December 31, 2023.

Quest and ActiveRoles and OneIdentity are trademarks of Quest Software, LLC or whomever has purchased Quest Software’s assets at the time you are reading this. Dell is a trademark of Dell Computers. **Feature Comparison to Quest Active Roles as of January. 1, 2023.