Real-World Use Case: Save Time, Ensure Control in Hybrid Microsoft  

  At Citrus Health Network, a health center organization, the nature of the business means many accounts must be provisioned and deprovisioned every month. Yet with 1200 employees, the company has only four people on the infrastructure team, making efficiency critical. It would require a solution that offers secure delegation.  Secure delegation gives intermediate level users of an organization the ability to perform basic IT functions, such as new account creation, role and group assignment, and access requests, all without the capabilities and permissions typically tied to a privileged IT role. 

On average to create an account used to take about 2 hours, which sounds like a lot, but it was true. Now, we can delegate this to the help  desk and they can create accounts in about 5 minutes.” – Abiezer Fraga, IT Director 

In addition to secure delegation, Citrus needed a solution that offers self-service to its end users. Self-service capabilities allow the end user to perform basic tasks without outside help, such as resetting their own passwords or discovering their username if it has been forgotten. These automated capabilities increase productivity by providing the end user with an immediate resolution instead of having to wait for a response from an administrator to provide access.   See how Cayosoft Administrator enabled Citrus Health to dramatically improve efficiency and  streamline compliance, as well as the following: 
  • True hybrid management with a single web portal that manages both Active Directory and Office 365 
  • Simultaneously provision, manage or deprovision Active Directory and Office 365 user accounts 
  • Delegation with strict access controls to help desk and junior IT staff 
  • And more… 

“At this point, it is hard to imagine our work without Cayosoft. Cayosoft Administrator made it possible for entry level staff to do a job that once required senior level IT resources.”  

2-minute video: See Cayosoft Administrator used to delegate the management of all on-premises and cloud Microsoft Groups in a single portal. (For best resolution, view on YouTube) 

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