ActiveRoles Replacement Program

Customers are Switching to Cayosoft

As of October 2019 more than 1,100,000 OneIdentity/ActiveRoles® licenses replaced or displaced by Cayosoft!



“Because of the issues, we adopted a ZERO-Quest Policy”
Sr. Directory Owner

“When we purchased ARS we licensed it per user.
Now they want us to pay per object.”
IT Director

“We didn’t see the value in connecting ARS to Azure/Office 365,
so we tried scripting stuff ourselves.”
Sr. IT Manager

“I have been using ActiveRoles for about a decade now. Nothing has really changed with it other than some branding and the addition of Powershell. The interface is out dated. The technology is out dated. We found you guys and everything looks sleek and well thought out. I can’t wait to see everything it can do and compare the costs. I am ready to move on from Quest.” – Sr. Directory Owner

Why Cayosoft, why now?

Hybrid changes everything. Moving to Hybrid means learning and deploying great new services like Azure AD Connect and ADFS. You should not have to struggle with legacy management tools that require a patchwork of duplicate services, add-ons modules, complex workflows or extra databases, but do not add much to Hybrid Security, Efficiency or Compliance.  Cayosoft has the answer… the Quest Replacement Program.

Cayosoft Administrator is the only complete Hybrid Enterprise Management Solution that manages key Microsoft platforms on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.  Cayosoft makes Hybrid virtually invisible to day-to-day administrators while giving IT much needed security and efficiency. Customer’s tell us that Cayosoft Administrator beats legacy management every time. The Quest ActiveRoles Administrator Replacement Program is designed to allow customer to improve security and efficiency of any Hybrid environment while reducing the costs associated with a complete hybrid management solution.

State replaces Quest® with Cayosoft® for Secure Hybrid Management, 30% Lower Cost, and Higher Efficiency

See how one customer changed to Cayosoft to remove Hybrid Adoption barriers and gain a complete solution for Secure, Efficient and Compliant Hybrid Enterprise Platform Management.

Manufacturer eliminated 90% of Office 365 Hybrid Enterprise Administrative Burden with Cayosoft

See how one customer changed to Cayosoft to remove Hybrid Adoption barriers and gain a complete solution for Secure, Efficient and Compliant Hybrid Enterprise Platform Management.

“Quest’s conduct, including its predatory audit practices, constitutes copyright misuse” – Nike response to Quest Software Licensing Lawyers’ Lawsuit ITAssetManagement.Net

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Assigning correct On-premises, Hybrid or Cloud tasks  to admins is simple with Cayosoft’s Unified Role-Based delegation model that increases security and reduces risk. Unlike Quest’s legacy management products, Cayosoft Roles don’t use AD Only Access Control Lists (ACLs). Cayosoft unified roles deliver a least privilege delegation model that grants users only the tasks they need to complete on-premises, hybrid or in cloud, without explicit native permissions assignments.


Access control has evolved beyond tedious management Access Control Lists (ACLs)  to Role-Based-Access-Control. Office 365 and Exchange a great examples of two modern systems that user Roles to assign administrative permissions. Unlike Access Template based on ACLs, Cayosoft uses Roles to assign administrative permissions to users without ACLs or native permissions. Cayosoft Roles form the basis of a powerful least-privileged delegation model that will secure both on-premises and online Microsoft platforms.




The Quest replacement program simplifies the replacement process by reducing the costs associated with implementing Cayosoft Administrator as a new and innovative solution. With the lack of Hybrid capabilities, the closing of many of Quest's development labs, the departure of key experts & executives, and questions about the future of the "New" Quest Software - customers are looking at Cayosoft as a reliable & viable alternative.

Limited time offer — save 30% on Cayosoft Administrator!

Through December 31st, Cayosoft will exchange licenses of Quest Software's (Formerly Dell, Formerly Quest Software) ActiveRoles  products or Administrator products for a subscription to Cayosoft's modern and secure management solution Cayosoft Administrator on a seat-for-seat basis for up to 30% off. Additionally, if there are new licenses needed, Cayosoft will include those licenses at the final discounted price. This will allow you can manage your entire environment, not just what you could afford under Quest pricing.

Benefits of Replacement:

  • Future proof your management investment.
  • Modernize administration with an innovative platform designed for Hybrid and Cloud.
  • Compatible with Azure AD Connect and Active Directory Federation Services.
  • Eliminate the need for additional "Add-on" products like Quest Password Manager and Quest Quick Connect Cayosoft's focus and enterprise expertise, make it the ideal choice for organizations looking to modernize Active Directory, Exchange, Hybrid or Office 365 administration.

The industry looks to Cayosoft for Innovation. In 2014, years before the competitors, Cayosoft founders realized that Microsoft's move to cloud would require a new management architecture - and Cayosoft was born. The Cayosoft founders realized early-on that tools they had built-in the past to manage Active Directory could not be adopted to Hybrid, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or a SaaS offering - a new architecture was required. Cayosoft accepted the challenge and built the next generation of administration from scratch. Cayosoft's new architecture acts more like a "Service Bus" allowing direct management of supported platforms on-premises, across hybrid boundaries or in the cloud - without requiring add-ons, complex workflows, extra databases or sync-engines. The Cayosoft Architecture is so innovative, that even competitors who claim to be innovative are downloading Cayosoft Administrator to see how it works and use it as a basis for their own on-premises or SaaS offerings.

Others who Trust Cayosoft

To learn more about how Cayosoft Administrator unifies, simplifies and secures administration across Microsoft on-premises and cloud, contact Cayosoft today for a one-on-one demonstration, visit the product page or setup a free trial.


Quest ActiveRoles Replacement Program Offer Terms

The Quest ActiveRoles Replacement Program offer is valid only for new purchases of Cayosoft Administrator licenses . Only new customers who have never purchased a Cayosoft product previously will be eligible for this offer. This offer is also valid for public sector licenses, and cannot be combined with other promotions or special pricing, hosting licenses, education licenses or internal use licenses. This offer is only available for new licenses and does not apply to prepaid support or any other related support purchases, which will follow typical Cayosoft licensing guidelines. Offer valid through December 31, 2020.

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