Press Release: Cayosoft First to Offer Management, Monitoring, and Rollback for Microsoft Intune Device Management

First-Ever Monitoring and Rollback for Microsoft Intune In Latest Release of Cayosoft Guardian

COLUMBUS, OHJanuary 9, 2024 — Cayosoft Inc., the leader in Microsoft Active Directory forest recovery and hybrid administration, is announcing the latest release of Cayosoft Guardian, version 4.4. Guardian is a change monitoring and auditing solution for Microsoft hybrid environments and this latest release brings first-ever functionality to monitor and rollback Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune helps manage devices both corporate and user personal, from PCs to tablets to smartphone to scanners. With the ever-expanding number of devices, coupled with organizations striving to be Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) friendly, the enterprise attack surface spreads without end.

Cayosoft Guardian ensures this critical device management capability is monitored for suspicious behavior including attempts to alter policies and procedures. Cayosoft Guardian can instantly rollback to a known, previous-good state ensuring a safe and secure device ecosystem, 24 hours a day. New Intune capabilities from Cayosoft include alerts that help close the security gap by making key stakeholders aware within seconds of bad behavior, regardless if it’s a potential attacker or lost administrator. Rollback is as simple as clicking a button and can even be automated. This becomes critical as you consider network bandwidth and the productivity these “devices” facilitate at large scale. Lastly, reports were developed, which can be preference scheduled, examine, and compare periods of time seeking oddities. The goal is to identify an attack plan prior to real damage.

Securing Intune, and its normal operation, is not the only security-related enhancements being released in Cayosoft Guardian version 4.4. Others include:
  • ‘Alert Notifications’ Improvements – More details provided around initiator, object type, change type, etc. The goal is to reduce time distinguishing between regular and suspicious activity.
  • Accelerated Threat Detection – Now schedule threats detection checks be performed at much more frequent intervals (e.g. every 30 mins vs. daily) and schedules can be created and altered per threat. Flexibility to manage threat detection unique to one’s business.
  • Self-Health Monitoring – Proactively scan for issues that might prevent the solution from working as intended. Ensures the greatest uptime and catches issues before they evolve into problems.

Dmitry Sotnikov, CPO, explains, “Microsoft Intune stands as the cornerstone of management within the Microsoft 365 suite, streamlining device management and ensuring compliance for millions of customers. Complementing this robust framework, Cayosoft Guardian introduces an essential layer of security by enhancing monitoring and alerting capabilities, advancing threat detection, and significantly simplifying the troubleshooting and resolution processes within Intune. Together, these solutions provide a comprehensive, agile, and secure management environment, empowering our users to navigate the complexities of modern IT infrastructure with confidence and ease.”

Bob Bobel, CEO, offers more vision, “We were the first to offer true hybrid administration in one product. We were the first to deliver patent-pending instant AD forest recovery. We are now first to offer the ability to manage, monitor, and recover a growing area of weakness for the Microsoft enterprise customers, device management. Microsoft offers the core capabilities, Cayosoft offers the ability to manage and secure it!”

About Cayosoft:

Cayosoft delivers the only unified solution enabling organizations to securely manage, continuously monitor for threats or suspect changes, and instantly recover their Microsoft platforms, including on-premises Active Directory, hybrid AD, Azure AD, Office 365, and more.

Unlike legacy solutions, Cayosoft builds with hybrid, cloud, and mobile users in mind, fully supporting an organization throughout its IT cloud journey. Manage by offering roles, rules, and automations for Active Directory user governance. Monitor for critical changes, risks, vulnerabilities, and threats that could compromise operations. Lastly, recover from simple objects up to multiple forests. Cayosoft is the only vendor offering instant forest recovery and delivering AD forest recovery in minutes vs. multiple hours, days, even weeks with traditional methods.

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