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Real-Time Office 365 Reporting

Make the Right Decisions with Detailed Office 365 Reporting

Before any administrative task can be attempted, a complete and correct understanding of the targeted systems must be provided. Because things change quickly, once-a-day reporting solution are unreliable and make real-time reporting critical. Without real-time visibility, costly errors will be made that increase costs and jeopardize security and compliance goals. With detailed real-time visibility, administrative tasks can be efficiently completed correctly and confidently.

Cayosoft Administrator delivers detailed Office 365 Reporting so administrators can make informed and accurate decisions. Admins can run real-time reports for a true picture of Office 365 or they can schedule those reports for e-mail delivery, local storage, or shared storage. With detailed Office 365 Reporting, administrators have the visibility they need to avoid costly mistakes and sustain compliance and security goals.

Office 365 Security ReportingSimple & Secure Reporting  

  • No additional users or licenses required
  • No 3rd party data storage or risk
  • No vendor compliance concerns
  • No firewall ports to open

Active Directory and Office 365 Reporting SolutionsHybrid Ready

  • Reports On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid
  • One console, username and password
  • Migration & Sync assessment reports
  • No Complex Scripting or Workflows

Real-time Office 365 Reporting ToolsWhat, Where & When Needed

  • Pre and post-collection filtering
  • Real-time or scheduled reporting
  • Deliver reports via. e-mail, file or CSV
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

More than Office 365 Reporting Cayosoft also Automates Management!

Cayosoft Administrator delivers a lot more than just Reporting. Cayosoft Administrator is also a comprehensive automated Office 365 Management that can be used to provision new accounts, automate group management, assign, validate and enforce Office 365 Licensing and much more.

Filter wizard simplifies finding the right data
Report-Office 365 User License Validation

Reports arrive when and where needed!


Reporting Features Admins Love

Single Platform for Reporting + Management
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • Exchange On-premises
  • Windows Server
Simple and Secure
  • 5 minute install on your Windows Computer or Private Cloud
  • No additional Office 365 accounts or licenses required
  • No Amazon or Google Account required
  • No 3rd party storage or risk of Office 365 data leakage
  • No firewall ports to open
Supplement Office 365 Built-in Reporting
  • Real-time Visibility over Office 365 Services
  • Use Filters and Sorts to build custom reports
  • E-mail, HTML or CSV Output
Real-time Visibility & Reporting
  • Real-time or Scheduled Reports
  • Up to the minute visibility
  • Pre, and Post-collection filtering
Popular Reports
  • Inactive Account Report
  • Last Account Login
  • License by Active Directory User
  • Office 365 License Option Validation
  • Mailboxes and Sizes
Hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 Reporting
  • Report or assign Office 365 Licenses to Active Directory Users
  • Office 365 License Count by Active Directory Group
  • On-premises mailboxes, Cloud mailboxes
  • Create mailbox signatures from Active Directory data
Detailed Reports, when, where and how you want it
  • Send reports to your inbox (immediate or scheduled)
  • Send report output to CSV file
  • Send reports to a local file.
  • Filter wizard creates multi-criteria expressions with grouping
  • Selectable columns and sorts
Action Reports
  • Create mailbox signatures
  • Office 365 License Validation and Re-assignment
  • Suspend Inactive Accounts
Migration and Directory Sync Preparation
  • Report on or update Duplicate Proxy Addresses, SamAccountNames etc…
  • Report on or update UserPrincipalNames
  • Report Users attributes with invalid characters or length

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