Disable Active Directory Group

How to disable Active Directory Groups

The ability to an Disable Active Directory Group is completely missing from Active Directory. With Cayosoft you can effectively disable an AD group. “Disabling” groups is preferable to deleting the group because the group SID (Security ID) is retained for auditing and management purposes, but it must be done correctly. The idea is to prevent the group from being used for security or distribution list purposes without actually deleting the group object itself. Cayosoft Suspend can effectively deactivate/disable AD groups right from the ADUC console. Suspend has a free mode allowing you to add this awesome capability to ADUC at no charge. At the end of the 25 day full trial, the product changes to freeware mode and allows you to continue using it indefinitely.

Understanding the difference between Security and Distribution group types is important here. When a user is authenticated all Security groups for which the user is a member are listed in the user’s token/ticket; Distribution List membership is not added tokens because they are not used for security. By changing the group type from Security to Distribution you prevent the group from being used for security purposes.

Suspend Active Directory Groups

Use Cayosoft Suspend tool to Deactivate AD Groups

Now the tricky part, if you have are running Microsoft Exchange or are syncing the group to a cloud based email system, you will need to take steps to prevent the group from being used as a distribution list. If you are using on-premise Exchange, you will need to set the security on the group so that it is not presented to users. If the group is being synced to Office 365 or to Google Apps, you will need to change the attributes of the group to prevent it from being seen by ILM or Google’s Sync solution.



Suspend AD Groups Now or Later...



Your Free Trial of Cayosoft Suspend performs these tasks for you automatically plus it has a “right-click” UNDO, Reporting and Object Retention if you no longer need the group and want it to be deleted in a month or two down the road. Start a Free Trail Now, after your trial you can buy the product or continue to use the product in Freeware Mode.

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