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Cayosoft Inc., a global independent software vendor, delivers innovative products that help organizations manage and protect their Microsoft infrastructures throughout their journey from on-premises, to hybrid, to the cloud.  Applying deep expertise in IT operations and a focus on delivering practical new functionality, Cayosoft helps customers worldwide remove barriers to adoption of a modern cloud infrastructure. Cayosoft’s solutions secure, simplify, automate and control Active Directory, Exchange on-premises, Office 365, Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

Unlike legacy solutions, Cayosoft builds with hybrid, cloud, and mobile users in mind, fully supporting an organization throughout its IT cloud journey. With hybrid consoles and a simplified approach to hybrid management and protection, Cayosoft helps improve security, increase efficiency and sustain compliance.


Corporate Headquarters – Columbus, Ohio

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Cayosoft   |  470 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200  Westerville, Ohio, 43082   |  Phone Number: +1 614-423-6718

The Cayosoft Vision


Prior to the release of Microsoft Active Directory (AD), IT systems were not integrated at the security layer and they operated as disconnected islands, each with their own model for granting user access to their resources. Essentially, each system re-created the definition of a user and how that user was granted access through groups or roles.

As more and more organizations accepted and then deployed AD, many system vendors added support for AD’s access model, but not all. To connect these remaining systems, organizations would often setup complex and expensive Identity Management systems. Unfortunately, the cost, complexity and risk associated with these systems put them out of the reach of all but the largest organizations. As legal or regulatory compliance requirements increased in the 2000s, even mid-sized organizations raced to implement identity management so they could demonstrate the ability to grant and deny user access centrally.

Even then it was clear that AD and its infrastructure had become the authoritative source for identity information for a vast number of organizations. It was then that AD began to be seen as an alternative to a monolithic Identity Management platform strategy and the AD-centric Identity Management approach was born.

Cayosoft was founded by experts that defined the Active Directory-Centric Identity Management model and market.

Enter the cloud…

The cloud provides an appealing alternative to maintaining on-premises systems, but the cloud further disconnects administrators and organizations from their data and IT systems. Cloud systems like their on-premises predecessors still represent islands of identity that are managed separately. Many organizations however, continue to keep AD on-premises because it represents the proverbial “Keys to the Kingdom” and remains under the complete control of the organization.

Caught in the middle of this move to the cloud are the IT administrators and help desk personnel who are forced to manage these islands of identity. Updating users, groups and roles across multiple systems from multiple interfaces is as common as the errors and the inefficiencies that come with this approach. Cloud also introduces new requirements, such as monitoring the cloud vendor’s performance and pressure to conserve on costly cloud licenses by eliminating unnecessary accounts.

Enter Cayosoft…



Cayosoft   |  470 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200  Westerville, Ohio, 43082   |  Phone Number: +1 614-423-6718

5 Things to know about Cayosoft

1. Cayosoft builds management solutions for Microsoft Enterprise customers with a focus on increasing security, efficiency and compliance across On-premises, Hybrid and Cloud Microsoft Platforms.

2. Cayosoft’s primary product is called Cayosoft Administrator which was built on a new and innovative platform specifically designed with Hybrid administration in mind.

3. Cayosoft customers have reported up to an 90% reduction administrative burden added by a hybrid configuration – while simultaneously eliminating security mistakes that may have caused outages.

4. Cayosoft customer can realize up to an 89% savings on Office 365 license costs from automation and optimization based on user usage patterns.

5. Cayosoft was founded by a group of experts who formerly managed the Active Directory and Identity Management portfolio products at Quest Software. The group left Quest and started Cayosoft shortly before Quest was acquired by Dell in 2012.


Cayosoft   |  470 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200  Westerville, Ohio, 43082   |  Phone Number: +1 614-423-6718

Cayosoft Value Proposition & ROI

Our goal is to partner with our customers for mutual success. We know our customers find the value proposition of Cayosoft products compelling and we hear it all the time. Not only are Cayosoft’s products priced competitively, they also deliver a return on investment (ROI) in other areas such as reduction of risk, operational efficiency, administrator productivity and improved IT business alignment.




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