Azure AD Recovery & Hybrid AD Recovery Solution

Cayosoft Guardian
Recover and Protect Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment.  When rollback is needed, Guardian provides an automated recovery plan that does not involve incomplete or time-consuming backup files.

Isolate Suspect Changes & Immediately Rollback
Single Hybrid Solution
Hybrid Change Alerting
Move Beyond Recycle Bins

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  Immediate Recovery

Mitigate expensive service outages and end-user downtime almost instantly. No need to mount or unpack cumbersome backups!

  Single Hybrid Solution

Identify and restore changes, regardless of where they were made, across Active Directory everywhere.  All in one unified console. 

  Hybrid Change Alerting

Don’t rely solely on audit logs to track Azure AD and AD changes. Change notifications enable immediate rollback of unwanted changes before they impact end users or security.

  Minimize Outages

Reduce  end-user  downtime! Guardian centralizes  all Active Directory changes, enabling immediate rollback without wasting time mounting and searching backup files.

  Beyond Recycle Bins

Recover what native tools cannot, including changes to object attribute data, Office 365 License Settings, Conditional Access Polices and settings and even hard-deleted objects. 

  Bulk Recovery

Restore multiple changes simultaneously! Administrators can recover multiple issues at once, making for the most efficient and fast recovery possible. 


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GFI FaxMaker

4.6/5 rating!


Guardian clearly delivers on its promises. Its continuing monitoring and protection of on-premises and/or Azure Active Directories guarantees that most changes can be rolled back swiftly and at the touch of a button, without administrators having to go through numerous logs or resort to backup scripts or files.”

“The fact that it is extremely easy to install and configure makes its deployment painless and hassle-free. All in all, an awesome tool that I would not have any problems in recommending to anyone responsible for managing Active Directory!” 

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