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Cayosoft Guardian
Recoverand Protect Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

Both Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are business critical services that must be protected from costly outages and threats, which can stop users from getting to email, important documents and applications. While Microsoft provides limited tools to recover a deleted account, restoring the associated permissions, groups, roles and applications is a manual, expensive, and error-prone process.  As more and more organizations adopt Azure Active Directory as part of their hybrid IT environment, it’s difficult to build a unified view of changes made across cloud and on-premises systems.  User errors are a reality, and the threat of malicious actors breaching AD is on the rise, yet no native tooling exists to tracks changes, store previous values or enable administrators to restore to a previous point in time. 

How to Restore Azure AD Objects


   Enterprise Recovery

Proactively identify and alert critical changes, regardless of where they were made, and granular restore of AAD to reverse those changes when needed to minimize expensive downtime.  

   True Hybrid

Continuous protection and recovery for Active Directory everywhere. From on-premises to hybrid mode to Azure cloud, Guardian centralizes and continuously records all  directory  changes and can roll those changes back immediately. 

   Monitor & Alert

Continuous Directory Protection records all changes across your cloud and on-premises directories. Cayosoft Guardian delivers a single console to identify and rollback administrative mistakes, malicious changes, or security breaches.

   Minimize Outages

Reduce  end-user  downtime as Guardian centralizes  all Active Directory changes  (Azure AD, hybrid, and on-premises), enabling immediate rollback without wasting time mounting and searching dozens of backup files.

   Unified Visibility

Cayosoft  Guardian provides  simultaneous  protection and recovery for  all  of your  Active  Directory needs on your journey to the cloud, including Azure  AD, hybrid AD and on-premises AD in a single console. 

    Coming Soon!
Cayosoft Guardian is coming Spring 2020.  To learn more now, request a request a demonstration.







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