We are the enemy | A Look at Insider Threats


Every company needs to be aware of insider threats. The source of insider threats are employees or administrators that make mistakes or purposefully damage your organization’s IT Systems. Insider threats are pervasive and difficult to defend against, and they require proactive security measures and extensive training to defeat. A company’s worst enemies can be its employees—whether they [...]

FBI charges former AWS engineer in Capital One breach


The FBI arrested a former AWS engineer who allegedly stole data for more than 100 million Capital One customers and credit card applications, thanks to a misconfigured firewall. The FBI arrested and charged a former AWS engineer Monday in connection with a massive data breach at Capital One. Paige A. Thompson, 33, is accused of [...]

Is your Active Directory security relying on a single check-box?

Don’t trust your Active Directory Security to a single check-box! Trusting the disable check box in Active Directory is risky if additional steps are not taken to ensure the the user account will not be re-enabled with unintended (possibly disastrous) consequences. Often the best practice steps are overlooked or not followed because of the additional [...]

Top 5 Office 365 Security Features

Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of productivity and collaboration benefits for information workers. When managed correctly the Office 365 platform also helps reduce IT department expenses and capital expenses (CAPEX) The service does present a number of security challenges, however. With the right security practices, Office 365 user data, as well as corporate data, [...]

Data Retention Policies for Teams Now Available

Data Retention Policies for Teams Now Available

Teams Cleans Data Seams –  In data retention, a delicate balance must be kept. On the one hand is the need to delete older data to proactively mitigate damaging security breaches or litigation. Additionally, it’s important to clear data clutter for users, to help ensure they have only the information they need. On the other hand are pressures to keep data. These can [...]

What’s New, What’s to Come for Microsoft Government Clouds

What's New, What's to Come for Microsoft Government Clouds

Newly Arrived  –  These are exciting times for Microsoft government customers. With recent and upcoming updates aplenty, more and more modern Microsoft tools and capabilities—especially cloud-based ones—are being adapted for governments, agencies, and contractors. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s come out recently and what’s still on the horizon.  This March, Microsoft announced the general availability of an Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security bundle. Microsoft [...]

Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders

Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders: Tech Tales from the Tiki Bar

Straight to Trash –  If you’ve seen a rise in legitimate emails in junk folders recently, you’re not the only one.   The culprit? A new anti-spoofing update for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). I’ve found a great post from Paul Cunningham at Practical365 discussing this change and its implications, so check it out for the details. Basically, the new intelligence in the program adds more [...]

Top 10 Security Myths from Gartner

Top 10 Security Myths from Gartner “It won’t happend to me was the #1 myth in Gartner’s Top-10 Myths IT security. Most security experts agree that IT should prepare as if a security breach is an eventually rather than a mere possibility. In Summary It won’t happen to me. IT doesn’t spend enough on security [...]