Bridging the Office 365 Insider Threat Security Gap

While Microsoft Office 365 maintains robust  security features, it may not offer the granularity that many enterprises need. When Microsoft Office 365 isn’t maintained and configured properly, it can put  security and compliance requirements in doubt. Here’s what you need to know about the  security features  included in  Office 365 Enterprise, and what companies should [...]

7 Simple Tasks All New Office 365 Admins Should Learn

    Office 365

As a new Microsoft Office 365 admin, there are some critical Office 365 common admin tasks you need to know. There are the first tasks that you should learn about; the tasks that you’ll find the most common as you maintain and manage the system. This is a review of common and easy techniques that [...]

5 Reasons IT Professionals Use PowserShell for Office 365

A command-line and scripting tool for system administration, PowerShell is both a powerful and potentially dangerous utility. Through PowerShell, an administrator is able to control and automate administrative processes across almost any Microsoft product, including cloud-based services and server-side applications. Using PowerShell with Office 365 requires a privileged user account with the appropriate permissions in addition to [...]

Disable Office 365 Group Creating for Users — 20 places they may notice

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Microsoft offers many ways to create Office 365 Groups! Here’s a list of 20 places to make your Groups—have a look! OUTLOOK (ONLINE) *This is probably the most common way to create an Office 365 Group OUTLOOK (DESKTOP) SHAREPOINT HOME ONEDRIVE PLANNER TEAMS POWER BI MICROSOFT STREAM YAMMER THE ROOT OF A SHAREPOINT SITE COLLECTION [...]

How to Manage Compliance in Office 365

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How to Manage Compliance in Office 365 Is your organization appropriately managing compliance? Office 365 has a number of tools that are designed to aid with legal and regulatory compliance requirements, including SOX, HIPPA, and PCI, but they may not cover enough. Any transition to Office 365 should be planned with compliance management in mind [...]

7 Management Tips for Making the Most of Office 365 for Enterprise

When your enterprise adopts Microsoft Office 365, it takes a powerful step towards better productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Yet to properly leverage the robust features of Office 365, you need to first understand all of its capabilities. A migration towards Office 365 begins with a solid understanding of its most important management tips. To help, [...]

Are You Still Manually Provisioning New Users in Hybrid Active Directory/Office 365?

Are You Still Manually Provisioning New Users in Hybrid Active Directory/Office 365?   Microsoft estimates that 70% of organizations will run a hybrid environment of AD/Office 365 for at least some period of time.   Many of these hybrid organizations will move to hybrid mode with the thought that they will manually provision new users.  In Hybrid environments, this strategy deserves a second look because on-boarding accounts is [...]

Top 5 Office 365 Security Features

Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of productivity and collaboration benefits for information workers. When managed correctly the Office 365 platform also helps reduce IT department expenses and capital expenses (CAPEX) The service does present a number of security challenges, however. With the right security practices, Office 365 user data, as well as corporate data, [...]

Microsoft Teams — Features and Benefits for Your Business Collaboration

Designed to improve teamwork and boost collaboration, Teams is now used by over 120,000 worldwide. Teams provides a comprehensive, collaborative solution that boosts productivity and efficiency. With a cloud-based architecture, Teams can be accessed anywhere—and is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Office 365 comes in a free version and commercial version, depending on the [...]

Microsoft Updates Teams Members Limit to 5000

Have you heard about the increase in general availability of members in teams. Starting today, all new and existing teams can accommodate up to 5,000 members. That’s double the previous limit of 2,500 members! Larger groups can now collaborate effortlessly in a single team and leaders can connect with a broad audience within their organization. [...]