Announcing Cayosoft Administrator 5.4 – the best Hybrid Office 365 Group Management Solution


Cayosoft is excited to announce the release of Cayosoft Administrator v5.4. This new version adds advanced group management capabilities for Hybrid Active Directory and Hybrid Office 365 Enterprise Management. V5.4 extends Cayosoft lead as the best solution for Microsoft Management through every step of the IT’s Microsoft Cloud Journey.  Why group management and why now? Managing access across Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and Office 365 is a cumbersome [...]

Azure File Sync Now Generally Available for Hybrid File Storage

Call Now for Fast Cache After almost a year in public preview, Azure File Sync is now generally available. Like all good hybrid solutions, Azure File Sync solves both some problems unique to on-premises and to cloud while emphasizing the strengths of both options. Here’s how it works.  Organizations centralize their file storage in Azure’s [...]

Microsoft Q4 Growth, Earnings in Cloud Surpass Expectations

Microsoft Q4 Growth Earnings In Cloud Surpass Expectations

Growing Gains Microsoft recently released their Q4 earnings report, and the results are impressive. Analysts were projecting $29.21 billion in overall revenue but actual results were $30.09 billion, a 17% increase year-over-year. Per share, that shakes out to $1.13, a nickel more than the expected $1.08/share. Most legacy, non-cloud based services increased in growth moderately [...]

Free Whitepaper: Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Office 365 licenses are incredibly diverse in both function and price. With a smart license strategy and a few tips, your organization can optimize license usage and minimize costs while simplifying day-to-day license administration.   This whitepaper will illustrate 5 key areas where you can build this critical strategy. You’ll explore how to squeeze the most out [...]

Have Teams and Skype for Business Reached Feature Parity?

Have Teams and Skype for Business Reached Feature Parity?

Inequal to the Task As discussed frequently on this blog, updates to Teams have been pouring in over the last year. Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business, so it was big news at Microsoft’s Inspire partner show when it was announced that the two solutions had achieved feature parity. The claim has raised more [...]

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchanged for a Graph –  The word is out. Exchange Web Services (EWS) will receive no more feature updates, though security and “certain non-security” updates will continue going forward. The same applies to EWS’s SDKs for Java and .NET. EWS will remain available and supported in production environments, but the lack of feature updates means [...]

Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets A Fix (Sadly)

Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets a Fix (Sadly)

License to Overfill –  When dealing with complex and constantly evolving technologies, sometimes documentation doesn’t accurately reflect a tech’s actual state. An example of this recently cropped up in Exchange Online mailbox sizing, but with a twist. This time, it’s the documentation that’s correct and the reality that doesn’t match up. It turns out that [...]

Free Brief: Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Governments

Brief - Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Gov

Moving to the cloud is a big step for a government of any size. Don’t be surprised by the challenges ahead—let Cayosoft’s experience in hybrid government work for you. Discover the challenges faced by governments moving to the cloud. Learn about Cayosoft’s security, efficiency, and compliance benefits. See how other federal, state, and local governments used [...]

Microsoft Teams Goes Through a Growth Spurt

Microsoft Teams Goes Through a Growth Spurt

Like any 1-year-old, Microsoft Teams is growing at a cracking pace. New features are popping up by the day—so many that most can only be discussed in amalgam. Accordingly, here are our top twelve recent and any-day-now updates for Microsoft Teams. Why twelve? Depending on your setup, any one of these updates could completely change [...]

We’re Hiring!

Feeling lost in the shuffle? Want to feel like your work contributes directly to the growth of your organization? Take charge of your career and apply at Cayosoft today! With the energy of a start-up, the close-knit values of a mom-and-pop, and the security of a long-established firm, Cayosoft is the perfect choice for hard [...]