Hybrid Cloud — The New Normal

As modernization and digital transformation becomes more and more of an organizational goal, there’s no doubt that hybrid cloud adoption is growing in greater numbers. While cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft Azure would prefer for businesses to move their entire infrastructure into the public cloud, that’s not a realistic option for most businesses. Obstacles [...]

Are You Still Manually Provisioning New Users in Hybrid Active Directory/Office 365?

Are You Still Manually Provisioning New Users in Hybrid Active Directory/Office 365?   Microsoft estimates that 70% of organizations will run a hybrid environment of AD/Office 365 for at least some period of time.   Many of these hybrid organizations will move to hybrid mode with the thought that they will manually provision new users.  In Hybrid environments, this strategy deserves a second look because on-boarding accounts is [...]

Announcing Cayosoft Administrator 5.4.2

Cayosoft is proud to announce the general release of Cayosoft Administrator 5.4.2. This service release includes several new features that were added to improve the usability and performance of the product. To learn more about 5.4.2 read the What’s New here. Top 3 New Features Web Portal SSO Automatic user sign-in was added to the [...]

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Is your organization considering a hybrid Microsoft Office 365 deployment? There’s a lot to think about. In a hybrid exchange environment, an organization is able to connect its on-premises Microsoft Exchange users and cloud users into a single system. There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating an Exchange hybrid environment. Whether it’s right for [...]

Azure File Sync Now Generally Available for Hybrid File Storage

Call Now for Fast Cache After almost a year in public preview, Azure File Sync is now generally available. Like all good hybrid solutions, Azure File Sync solves both some problems unique to on-premises and to cloud while emphasizing the strengths of both options. Here’s how it works.  Organizations centralize their file storage in Azure’s [...]

Microsoft Q4 Growth, Earnings in Cloud Surpass Expectations

Microsoft Q4 Growth Earnings In Cloud Surpass Expectations

Growing Gains Microsoft recently released their Q4 earnings report, and the results are impressive. Analysts were projecting $29.21 billion in overall revenue but actual results were $30.09 billion, a 17% increase year-over-year. Per share, that shakes out to $1.13, a nickel more than the expected $1.08/share. Most legacy, non-cloud based services increased in growth moderately [...]

Microsoft Teams Goes Through a Growth Spurt

Microsoft Teams Goes Through a Growth Spurt

Like any 1-year-old, Microsoft Teams is growing at a cracking pace. New features are popping up by the day—so many that most can only be discussed in amalgam. Accordingly, here are our top twelve recent and any-day-now updates for Microsoft Teams. Why twelve? Depending on your setup, any one of these updates could completely change [...]

We’re Hiring!

Customer Success Coordinator Reports to: COO or CRO/VP of Sales Classification: Full Time, Non-Exempt Last updated: February 2019 About the Company Cayosoft Inc., a fast-growing global independent software vendor, delivers exciting and innovative products that help organizations manage their Microsoft infrastructures throughout their journey from on-premises, to hybrid, to public and private cloud.   Applying deep expertise in IT operations and a focus [...]

FREE WEBINAR: Automating Group Management in the Office 365 Enterprise

2018-06-06 Webinar Automate Group Membership in the Office 365 Enterprise

As a business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to keep group membership secure and accurate. Adding Office 365’s unified groups into the mix in a hybrid or cloud-only environment only amplifies their essential and error-prone nature. Join Cayosoft founder Bob Bobel for this online event and learn more about the group management challenges [...]

What’s an On-Premises Data Gateway? – Hybrid Tech Tips

What's an On-Premise Data Gateway? - Hybrid Tech Tips

Right Out of the Gate –  Shane Young at Petri recently brought up the existence of Microsoft’s on-premises data gateway, an oft-forgotten but handy tool for hybrid data management. Today in Hybrid Tips & Tricks, we’ll be discussing this easy-to-set-up, (almost) free Microsoft tool.  The on-premises data gateway is a pipeline from on-premises data stores to cloud stores, apps, or servers. Automatic data transfers [...]