What’s New in Cayosoft Guardian v4?

Active Directory Security Software

We’re excited to announce the release of Cayosoft Guardian v3.1! New enhancements are now available as part of the Cayosoft Guardian 3.1 release. We’re always in pursuit of ways to help you better secure and protect your Microsoft platforms, from on-premises, to hybrid, to Azure AD, and Office 365. This new release includes features to […]

Peer Survey: Impact, Vulnerability, and Costs to Recover Active Directory Forests

Recover Your Active Directory Forest – Examining the Critical Impacts A couple years ago, Cayosoft commissioned a survey of 200 technology leaders to better understand the impacts and costs when recovering an Active Directory. We wanted to revisit this research, examine the answers, and see the differences between now and then. Here’s what we found. […]

Active Directory Disaster Recovery: How Confident Are You in Your AD Forest Recovery? 

Is Your Active Directory Disaster Recovery Reliable? Will Your AD Forest Recovery Work When You Need It? If you are responsible for managing your organization’s Active Directory (AD) environment you understand how important it is to minimize downtime, protect against data loss, and ensure business continuity during an AD outage, whether from ransomware, wiper attacks, […]

What is an Active Directory Forest?

Active Directory (AD) Organizational Structure: Understanding AD Forests Active Directory is a vital component of any Microsoft enterprise and often a target for threat actors. As such, it is important not only to secure Active Directory but understand how to best configure and manage its’ components in order to reduce vulnerabilities and help prevent cyberattacks.The […]

Defending Active Directory Against AdminSDHolder Attacks

AdminSDHolder modification permissions attack

Active Directory Permissions Attack: Hackers Gain Persistence with AdminSDHolder Active Directory (AD) tends to be a common target for hackers, as it controls the security and infrastructure for most IT systems. Attackers aim to get privileged access to a Windows Server Active Directory and remain undetected for as long as possible. These techniques used by […]

The #1 Way to Prevent Insider Threats

Protecting Your Critical Assets with Insider Threat Prevention Data Breaches Happen Data security is nothing new. Where there is sensitive information, there are those who seek to access, steal, and misuse it, mostly for financial gain. The unfortunate truth about malicious activities is that a third of all data breaches are perpetrated by someone from […]

4 Reasons Why the Recycle Bin Can’t Fully Protect Azure Active Directory

Let’s face it, user errors are a reality, and the threat of malicious actors breaching Active Directory –both on-premises and in Azure – is on the rise.  Protecting your data has never been more important, yet no native tooling exists to tracks changes, store previous values or enable administrators to rollback those changes immediately. Microsoft […]

How to Recover an Azure Conditional Access Policy

According to Microsoft, “Conditional Access is the tool used by Azure Active Directory (AAD) to bring signals together, to make decisions, and enforce organizational policies.”  Conditional Access policies are an effective replacement and improvement over user login restrictions provided in on-premises Active Directory (AD). Conditional Access Policies are also present in Azure AD. How do […]

3 Reasons The Recycle Bin Won’t Always Protect You Against Accidental Deletions to Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

The Active Directory and Azure AD Recycle Bins exist as tools for protecting you against the accidental deletion of directory objects…but not all of them. If an administrator accidentally deletes an Active Directory user account, for example, it is possible to retrieve the deleted user from the Recycle Bin. Even so, the Recycle Bin has a number of inherent limitations, and there is […]