NTLM Relay Attack Prevention: A Checklist for Active Directory Security

NT LAN Manager (NTLM) relay attacks represent a persistent threat to organizations that rely on Active Directory (AD) for identity management and access control. These attacks exploit weaknesses in the NTLM authentication protocol, allowing attackers to impersonate legitimate users and gain unauthorized access to sensitive resources within the AD environment. This article provides IT specialists, […]

Securing Active Directory Against DCSync Attacks

DCSync attacks remain a persistent threat to Active Directory (AD) security. These attacks cleverly exploit normal AD replication processes, allowing hackers to secretly extract sensitive password hashes. This access can pave the way for widespread exploits across your network. Given the prevalence of DCSync attacks, IT professionals must be equipped with in-depth knowledge about their […]

Protecting Active Directory Against Pass-the-Hash Attacks

What if someone could access your company’s most critical systems simply by possessing a piece of coded text? What if they could silently spread through your network, taking on the identities of employees and administrators, all without ever knowing actual passwords? Pass-the-Hash attacks make this nightmare scenario a reality. Hackers steal hashed credentials and use […]

Cayosoft-Enhanced Defense: Securing Active Directory in 2024

Active Directory (AD) remains a backbone of IT systems for many organizations, managing access and permissions for users and devices. But its frequent use made it a top target for cyberattacks. Attackers are getting smarter, finding ways to misuse AD’s features to gain control, spread through networks, and steal valuable information. In this article, we’ll […]

Surviving LockBit: How to Protect Your Organization

LockBit ransomware attacks are on the rise and pose a major threat to organizations of all sizes. In 2022 alone, LockBit is estimated to have been responsible for 44% of all known incidents. This ransomware’s primary goal is to quickly gain full control of an environment to demand money from businesses. LockBit attackers often compromise […]

Top 4 Security Measures Against Silver Ticket Attacks

Silver Ticket Attacks | Protecting Your Active Directory From Cyber Threats Silver ticket attacks are a type of cyberattack that exploits weaknesses in the Kerberos authentication protocol, which is used for secure logins within Active Directory (AD). By stealing a service account’s login information, attackers can create fake access passes within AD, granting them access […]

ITDR: The Key to Protecting Your Identity Infrastructure

Understanding Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Cyberattacks are a constant threat, and the stakes are high. Identity systems, particularly Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD, are prime targets for attackers seeking to disrupt operations or steal sensitive data. That’s why identity threat detection and response (ITDR) solutions, which are specifically designed to protect […]

Securing SYSVOL: Threats, Protection, and Recovery

What is SYSVOL and Why is it Important? For many IT professionals, the system volume (SYSVOL) might seem like just another shared folder. However, if not properly protected, it represents a critical security vulnerability within every Active Directory domain controller. SYSVOL stores the essential files and scripts that govern user logins, access rights, and overall […]

Are You Taking Active Directory Forest Recovery Serious Enough? Recent Survey Says No

Peer Survey Highlights: Active Directory Forest Recovery Needs Attention Cayosoft recently sponsored a survey on Active Directory (AD) forest recovery, in partnership with Petri.com, the IT Knowledgedatabase. Over 1,000 IT professional were surveyed and uncovered some interesting findings. Below are a few highlights. To learn more, check out the full survey report. Key Findings from […]

Why You Need to Recover Active Directory Forest

Essential Considerations to Recover Your Active Directory Forest Active Directory isn’t just a part of your IT infrastructure, it’s the forgotten central hub that keeps everything running smoothly. But with great power comes great responsibility – and vulnerability. It’s a primary target for attackers and any disruption will send ripple effects throughout your entire organization. […]

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