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Cleanup Active Directory then Keep it Clean with Cayosoft

Post-Audit/Finding/Breach, Pre-Migration, Pre-Directory Synchronization, and Operational Efficiency are all strong reasons for an Active Directory cleanup project. Because Active Directory (AD) has no built-in cleanup feature obsolete user, group and computer objects begin to accumulate over time. If left un-resolved obsolete objects and settings place security and compliance goals at risk. Whatever the reason, spending money on tools to cleanup Active Directory doesn’t have to be a throw away investment. Cayosoft Administrator lets you clean up Active Directory and keep it clean with on-going maintenance policy enforcement. With Cayosoft’s automated  cleanup and reporting, administrators can make informed and accurate decisions with real-time visibility for a true picture of Active Directory. Cleanup reports can also be created and scheduled for e-mail delivery, local storage, or shared storage. Cayosoft’s Active Directory cleanup delivers a solution for the visibility needed to avoid costly mistakes and sustain compliance and security goals now and into the future.

  • Cleanup or Report on Obsolete Objects
  • Properly Secure Inactive Accounts
  • Update User Data from HR/ERP/SIS
  • Strong SOX/HIPAA/PCI Control

  • Permanently Correct Memberships
  • Find and Suspend Empty Groups
  • Adds Separation of Duty (SoD)
  • Multiple-Rule Based Membership

  • Cloud Prep Cleanup Rules
  • DirSync Assessment Reports
  • Automatically Correct Issues
  • No Complex Scripting Required

More than Reporting, Cayosoft Automates Cleanup!

Cayosoft Administrator delivers a lot more than just Reporting. Cayosoft Administrator is also a comprehensive automated solution that can safely and securely resolve inactive Users, Groups and Computers and more.


Cleanup Features Admins Love

Single Platform for Cleanup + Management
  • Easily find inactive, expired or unused user, group or computer objects
  • Automatically apply a Secure Object Suspend Process
  • Permanently or temporally deactivate objects according to internal policies and best practices
  • Last Logon reporting
  • Export results to text file, html or e-mail
  • Free 25 Day Trial
  • Completely Free for organizations of 200 users or less
  • Automate AD cleanup with real-time, then keep AD clean with On-Going Maintenance Rules
  • Simple to deploy (setup takes less than 10 minutes)
  • No additional Web Servers or LDAP Servers required
  • Solution is Hybrid and Cloud Ready
Secure Suspend Process
  • Immediate or scheduled deactivation
  • Future restoration for users on temporary leave
  • Prevent object from being used
  • Update description to show who/when object was suspended
  • Update or clear other attributes
  • Set object retention period before permanent deletion
  • Relocate object
  • Cleanup Group Memberships
  • Set Retention Period until permanent delete
  • Retain Right-click Undo Data
Real-time Visibility & Reporting
  • Real-time or Scheduled Reports
  • Up to the minute visibility
  • Pre, and Post-collection filtering
Popular Reports
  • Inactive Account Report
  • Last Account Login
  • Empty Groups
  • OUs without Object Protection
  • Users with Contact Details
  • Locked out Users
  • Reports on Account Expiry
  • Groups Reports
  • Password never expires users
  • Accounts that never expire
  • Users with/without logon script
  • Recently Created Users
  • Distribution Lists
  • Users who can’t change their passwords
  • Users not logged in past “N” days
Detailed visibility, when and where you want it
  • Send reports to your inbox (immediate or scheduled)
  • Send report output to CSV file
  • Send reports to a local file.
  • Filter wizard creates multi-criteria expressions with grouping
  • Select-able columns and sorts
Action Reports
  • Suspend Inactive Objects
  • Correct Common AD Data Problems
  • Find and Replace User Principal Name Suffix
Migration and Directory Sync Preparation
  • Report on or update Duplicate Proxy Addresses, SamAccountNames etc…
  • Report on or update UserPrincipalNames
  • Report Users attributes with invalid characters or length


Simple to Understand Reports and Notifications

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