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Unify, Simplify & Secure Administration – On-Premises, Hybrid or Cloud

Cayosoft Administrator manages various systems on-premises, in a hybrid configuration or in the cloud through a set of modules called Admin Assistance. Cayosoft Administrator™ delivers the missing management layer needed to simplify Active Directory & Office 365 Administration and other day-to-day tasks on a variety of on-premises and cloud applications found in today’s modern hybrid environment. With automation and IT Rule enforcement you save time and money by allowing administrators or help desk staff to concentrate on more important matters. Indispensable to administrators, help desk, security admins and auditors, Admin Assistant helps sustain security, compliance and efficiency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Cayo Admin Assistant is sold as a module of Cayosoft Administrator Suite.
  • Simplify Administration & Reporting
  • Sustain SOX, HIPAA or PCI Compliance
  • Improve Security & Efficiency
  • User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
  • Group Management Automation
  • On-going Maintenance & Best Practices

Automate Active Directory Administration & Beyond

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Cayo Admin Assistant Automate Active Directory and Enforce IT Rules

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Relying on memory, potentially error prone manual procedures or downloading and running suspicious and possibly dangerous scripts is no way to run your IT business. Admin Assistant unifies your hybrid environment under a single console and provides the IT controls demanded by auditors and compliance officers. Cloud and Mobile have also made day-to-day administration and adherence to IT Business Practices more complex and costly. The slew of separate administrative interfaces (or sometimes there are no administrative interfaces) means jumping between disconnected islands of administration that takes more time, increases errors and costs while reducing Admin Productivity. Administrator solves these problems with pre-built rules designed to efficiently perform key administrative tasks so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of IT. Admin Assistant also has built-in rules that enforce Cayo Suspend’s Object Retention Policy to efficiently complete user and group deprovisioning. This is critical because user and group objects must be retained for between 30 and 90 days from when the object is suspended so that it is available for compliance or security audits.  Because it would be easy to forget, Admin Assistant will scan Active Directory and identify the users and groups that are scheduled for permanent deletion. When a user or group passes the assigned retention period Admin Assistant deletes the object and then audits the date and time the permanent deletion occurred.

One Console

Rule Based Administration

Reporting & Visibility

Free tools Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration Free tools Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration Free tools Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration


Automate without Complex Workflow or Scripts

Microsoft’s native tools completely lack automation and IT Rule Enforcement. Microsoft PowerShell, while powerful, can be confusing and difficult to support. When vendors require scripting to make their product work they are making some big assumptions. The first assumption is that the customer knows how to script and has in-depth expert knowledge about the systems, applications or directories to be modified. Second, the vendor assumes the customer has the time and money to learn a scripting language, plan and research coding methods, build and later support the programs created. Scripting things correctly, even PowerShell, is time consuming and expensive.

Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules

On-going IT Policy enforcement is critical for maintaining security and for sustaining legal or regulatory compliance goals. Admin Assistant will keep an eye on important systems like Active Directory to make sure that key IT business policies are being enforced. Optionally, Admin Assistant can be configured to take action in the target system to correct policy violations.

Download New Functionality

Admin Assistant customers can quickly download new policies from the Extension Center and extend Admin Assistant with powerful new automation and management capabilities. Each of these downloadable extensions has been designed by experts combining dozens of years of and thousands of customer feedback requests.

Bulk Administration

Bulk management avoids wasting valuable time and possible errors that come with manually updating larger numbers of user accounts and other objects. Bulk management can help:

  • Create User Accounts for Multiple Users from Excel CSV (comma separated variable) file
  • Reset passwords for multiple user accounts
  • Move users between OUs
  • Export a list of objects to a Excel CSV (comma separated variable) file
  • Update Attributes of Multiple Users or Groups
  • Update display names or other attributes
  • Enable/disable/delete Inactive accounts in AD

Email Notifications

Email notifications is built into Admin Assistant allowing administrators, help desk staff, managers, mobile or desktop users to receive important alerts and information when needed. Email alerting is an optional part of each alert scenario and works with popular SMTP Servers like on-premise Microsoft Exchange or cloud based Office 365 and Google Mail.

Quick lists & Basic Reporting

At the heart of Admin Assistant is data discovery. Admin Assistant works by connecting and querying a source system like Active Directory, an Excel CSV file or a Cloud Application. Next Admin Assistant filters, sorts and analyses the information to determine if any action is needed.

Object Retention Period Policy Enforcement for Cayo | Suspend

Permanent deletion for user and groups after the suspension period or date and time defined by the administrator using Cayo Suspend. Ideal Uses:

  • Enforce retention of users and groups according to the organization’s audit or security policy.
  • Prevent the premature loss of objects whose SIDs are critical to understanding who had access to what.
  • Keep Active Directory clean and efficient by deleting suspended users and groups that are no longer needed.

Admin Assistant Extension Center

Extensions add additional capabilities to the Admin Assistant™ console beyond the built-in functionality. Typically extensions provide new features for a specific platform except in the case of the Utilities Extension. The Utilities extension provides a basic set of operations that are most often used in conjunction with another extension. For example, the Office 365 Extension will query for Office 365 user accounts and the Utilities extension can be used to filter, sort, export or send emails based on that information.

Released Extensions:

  • Active Directory Administration
  • Microsoft Office 365 /Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Utilities

In Development

  • Microsoft Exchange On-premises
  • Google Apps

Software Requirements

Permission Requirements

  • Administrator permissions on the workstation or server where the product will be installed
  • Administrative permissions in Active Directory up to the level required for desired tasks to be completed
  • Administrative permissions on the target system up to the level required for the tasks to be completed

Hardware Requirements

  • Platform 2 GHz or higher Intel Pentium-compatible CPU.
  • Memory (RAM) 2 GB or more recommended. The optimal amount of memory depends on the total number of rules being executed.
  • Disk Space 30 MB or more of free disk space.


Admin Assistant™ is sold as part of Cayo Administrator™ or it can be purchased individually.  The Active Directory Extension is licensed per enabled Active Directory user in each domain to be managed. The pricing shown here is for a Perpetual Licenses that never expire. For individual module or subscription based pricing, request a custom price quote here. Cayo Administrator includes the following modules:

Minimum purchase quantity: 150 users Suite Pricing: Pricing for Cayo Administrator Suite starts at $7 per enabled user. This pricing shown here is for a Perpetual License that never expires and includes first year support and maintenance. Stand-alone Pricing: Stand-alone pricing of each extension. Extension pricing is for a Perpetual License that never expires and includes first year support and maintenance. Support & Maintenance: First year support and maintenance are included with the purchase of a new license and begin on the purchase date and continue for 12 months. Subsequent yearly software maintenance is optional and amounts to 20% of the license purchase price.

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