What’s New in Cayosoft Administrator 4.4.x

What’s New in Administrator 4.4.x

█ New Features

Attention Needed Alerts

Both Automation Console Users, and Day-to-day Administrators using the Web Portal, benefit from an improved experience and simplified interfaces. New home pages provide faster access to commonly used features and help new users perform task more quickly.

Office 365 Secure Score Runbook Templates

Office 365 Secure Score is a security assessment tool that helps Office 365 customers improve tenant security. Cayosoft Runbooks for Secure Score provide critical visibility and enforcement for enterprises so they can better interpret and improve the score assigned by the Secure Score Tool. Further, a Cayosoft Runbooks for Secure Score  can automatically & continuously report on Secure Score settings thereby increasing the overall Secure Score over time.

Advanced Office 365 Management Features

  • Cost Benefit Analysis over License Analysis
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication for full stack management from cloud
  • Office 365 Licensing Adoption, Change and Cost Modeling Analysis
  • Existing license assignments Analysis for migration to Automate License Assignment

Simplified Replacement of ONEIdentity/Quest* ActiveRoles product

  • Simplified Multi-Domain Search & Management
  • Global Provisioning Policies
  • Best in class Hybrid without additional products
  • Change Audit Improvements

See details here about the Cayosoft Quest Replacement Offer.

Mailbox Location Dashboard

For data security and compliance reasons, many organizations require user mailboxes and data be stored within specific countries. To make this simpler to monitor, Cayosoft Administrator now includes a web portal dashboard that displays a map showing each Microsoft Data Center and the number of mailboxes deployed therein.

Improved Support for Microsoft Server 2016 Technologies

CayosoftAdministrator4.1Supports2016DatacenterCayosoft Administrator 4.x now support deployments on Windows Server 2016, management of Active Directory on Windows Server 2016, and Exchange 2016 recipient management. Timely support for new releases of Microsoft platform  is critical to many customers because the applications and services they commonly deployed in private clouds are dependent on the keeping these platforms up-to-date. Unlike legacy tool vendors, Cayosoft strives to be first — or among the first — to add support for newly released versions.

Bitlocker Encryption Recovery Information

The Cayosoft Administrator web portal now includes Bitlocker full disk encryption recovery details for computer objects. By providing delegation over Bitlocker details,  trusted administrators can now be empowered to recovery data without granting overly powerful native permissions and without running dangerous scripts.


█ List of Updated Items by ID

Release 12/4/2017

4.4.1 2088 Updated Rule: Create AD Users – Show Email Address in Rule Output
4.4.1 2135 Issue resolved: PTSN Dialing Licnese Assignments
4.4.1 2146 SMTP settings should look as configured if user name is not specified
4.4.1 2149 Service Improvement: Windows Server configured for German Language
4.4.2 2153 Service Improvement: Subscriber Option to collect Analitics Data from Publisher
4.4.2 2160 Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 configured for German Language
4.4.2 2163 Office 365 Users | License Plan Change Cost Modeling improved calculations
4.4.2 2047 Update Web Action: Other Attribute Population during Share Mailbox Creation
4.4.2 2144 Custom License Cost extended to two decimal places


Released 11/13/2017

4.4.0 2125 Attention Needed Section to Console Home Page – This section now shows critical configuration issues that must be addressed.
4.4.0 2105 Secure Score Analysis Runbook Template – Pre-defined runbook that helps users improve their Office 365 Secure Score through Reports and Rules.
4.4.0 2121 Issue Resolved: Rule Text file | DynamicAttributes™ Relocate AD Users error – Additional support for text file delimiters.
4.4.0 2114 Runbook Template -Pre-defined runbooks for User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
4.4.0 2106 Option to Automatically Enable Office 365 Tenant Auditing – When the console is opened, alert the user that Auditing is not enabled and optionally enable Auditing.
4.4.0 2102 Issue Resolved: Custom actions disappear from web queries after upgrade – Customer defined custom action links are now supported during upgrades.
4.4.0 2112 Issue Resolved: Scheduled runs an hour behind after Daylight Savings started – Scheduled rules are updated to reflect regional time changes.
4.4.0 2084 AD Users | Set Proxy Addresses doesn’t increment mail attribute – Increment generated proxy address on uniqueness conflict.
4.4.0 2137 Filter on Office 365 License Assignment Dialog – Filter added to help in managing large license lists.
4.4.0 2074 Attention Required on Home Page – Attention required section added to console home page.


*ONEIdentity/Quest is a tradmark of Quest Software, Inc.
**Imanami is a trademark of  Imanami Pakistan (Pvt) Limited & Imanami Corporation

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