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What’s Happening and What’s Important in 2018’s Cloud


What's Happening and What's Important in 2018's CloudAzure, AWS Fight Continues

Data from 2017’s Q4 showed Microsoft’s Azure beginning to catch up to Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) in the still-booming cloud market. 

Cloud infrastructure management company RightScale’s “2018 State of the Cloud Report,” has recently delivered additional, intriguing data on the implications of this trend in 2018’s cloud. RightScale surveyed nearly a thousand technical professionals in IT, in both large and small enterprises in a variety of industries. Respondents were asked about their cloud preferences, challenges, budgets, and priorities for 2018, among other topics.

As it turns out, last year’s results about AWS’s and Azure’s respective market shares is continuing along the same trend. Of surveyed companies, a higher percentage still use AWS, but the adoption rate is not proportionally as high. Azure is cutting into that lead with a greater adoption rate among cloud beginners and year-over-year growth. 

What’s Most Important in 2018’s Cloud?

No matter their preferred cloud vendors, security is the biggest challenge for 77% of respondents, 29% seeing it as an especially significant challenge. Security is, additionally, the largest issue among cloud beginners, with cost becoming more important for intermediate and advanced users. 

Speaking of cost, enterprise cloud spending has increased and will continue to grow. A full 35% of that budget, however, is wasted. Optimizing cloud spending—increasing efficiency—is the other top challenge reported by respondents, with 58% citing cost savings as their top focus for 2018. 

Those are just the highlights—there’s plenty more interesting data from RightScale’s surveys, of course. If you’d like to dive deeper into the data, David Ramel has an excellent article for Redmond Magazine. 

The Cayospective

Increasing security and efficiency remain two of our guiding principles, in the cloud and out of it. It’s gratifying to receive further confirmation that Cayosoft Administrator will continue to serve the top needs of IT professionals and their budgets in 2018’s cloud and beyond.

To learn more, RightScale’s report is hereThe article from David Ramel (@dramelcabe read here. 

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