Microsoft Graph Object Pagination and Ordering When Working in PowerShell SDK

Blog by: Dmitry Sotnikov Find him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Question from Justin during our webinar, “Microsoft Graph Basics for PowerShell Admins”: Is Graph data sorted in some way so TOP returns the same value every time, or will it just return the first object that happens to be returned?   Microsoft Graph implements OData pagination in order […]

Connecting to Microsoft Graph using certificate to run scripts without a user present

Blog by: Dmitry Sotnikov Find him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Questions asked during our webinar, “Microsoft Graph Basics for PowerShell Admins”: For automating with Microsoft Graph and using PowerShell. When working as a user, you needed to enter the code and then sign-in as your user. How would an automation/service account work, do you make an app password […]

PowerShell 7: the latest major update to PowerShell

Powershell 7 is here On March 4, 2020, Microsoft announced the release of Powershell 7. In case you didn’t know, Powershell is the automation platform and scripting language developed by Microsoft for simplifying and automating the management of Windows and Windows Server systems.  In addition to the usual release of new cmdlets/APIs and bug fixes, Microsoft […]

Introducing Microsoft’s Powershell Module for Graph

At the Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft announced a beta version (V0.11) of the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module (available in the PowerShell gallery). The idea being to allow administrators to use PowerShell to call the Microsoft Graph API  to interact with Exchange, Azure Active Directory, and other sources. Being able to use PowerShell with the Graph exposes a lot of data, so […]

5 Reasons IT Professionals Use PowserShell for Office 365

A command-line and scripting tool for system administration, PowerShell is both a powerful and potentially dangerous utility. Through PowerShell, an administrator is able to control and automate administrative processes across almost any Microsoft product, including cloud-based services and server-side applications. Using PowerShell with Office 365 requires a privileged user account with the appropriate permissions in addition to […]