Microsoft Teams — Features and Benefits for Your Business Collaboration

Designed to improve teamwork and boost collaboration, Teams is now used by over 120,000 worldwide. Teams provides a comprehensive, collaborative solution that boosts productivity and efficiency. With a cloud-based architecture, Teams can be accessed anywhere—and is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Office 365 comes in a free version and commercial version, depending on the […]

Microsoft Q4 Growth, Earnings in Cloud Surpass Expectations

Microsoft Q4 Growth Earnings In Cloud Surpass Expectations

Growing Gains Microsoft recently released their Q4 earnings report, and the results are impressive. Analysts were projecting $29.21 billion in overall revenue but actual results were $30.09 billion, a 17% increase year-over-year. Per share, that shakes out to $1.13, a nickel more than the expected $1.08/share. Most legacy, non-cloud based services increased in growth moderately […]

Free Whitepaper: Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Office 365 licenses are incredibly diverse in both function and price. With a smart license strategy and a few tips, your organization can optimize license usage and minimize costs while simplifying day-to-day license administration.   This whitepaper will illustrate 5 key areas where you can build this critical strategy. You’ll explore how to squeeze the most out […]

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchanged for a Graph –  The word is out. Exchange Web Services (EWS) will receive no more feature updates, though security and “certain non-security” updates will continue going forward. The same applies to EWS’s SDKs for Java and .NET. EWS will remain available and supported in production environments, but the lack of feature updates means […]

Free Brief: Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Governments

Brief - Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Gov

Moving to the cloud is a big step for a government of any size. Don’t be surprised by the challenges ahead—let Cayosoft’s experience in hybrid government work for you. Discover the challenges faced by governments moving to the cloud. Learn about Cayosoft’s security, efficiency, and compliance benefits. See how other federal, state, and local governments used […]

We’re Hiring!

Customer Success Coordinator Reports to: COO or CRO/VP of Sales Classification: Full Time, Non-Exempt Last updated: February 2019 About the Company Cayosoft Inc., a fast-growing global independent software vendor, delivers exciting and innovative products that help organizations manage their Microsoft infrastructures throughout their journey from on-premises, to hybrid, to public and private cloud.   Applying deep expertise in IT operations and a focus […]

Microsoft Whiteboard Release Coming Soon

Microsoft Whiteboard Release Coming Soon

Microsoft Whiteboard, a Creative Canvas –  Back in December, Microsoft Whiteboard released into preview. The digital equivalent of, well, a whiteboard, the app was designed to scratch the itch of creative planners looking for a free-form brainstorming and design tool. Unlike a physical whiteboard, however, the app’s boards have no borders and never run out […]

April Showers Bring SharePoint Updates

April Showers Bring SharePoint Updates

This month so far has been good for SharePoint updates—and there are plenty more still to come. Here’s the rundown.  The News is New News  –  For those tenants receiving test updates, it’s now possible to create news pages in SharePoint. These pages can then be integrated into Teams as a tab (as can normal SharePoint pages) or emailed as a digest.   Similar to how the Site […]

Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders

Legitimate Office 365 Emails in Junk Folders: Tech Tales from the Tiki Bar

Straight to Trash –  If you’ve seen a rise in legitimate emails in junk folders recently, you’re not the only one.   The culprit? A new anti-spoofing update for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). I’ve found a great post from Paul Cunningham at Practical365 discussing this change and its implications, so check it out for the details. Basically, the new intelligence in the program adds more […]

Attack Simulator for Office 365 Lets You Play the Hacker

Attack Simulator for Office 365 Lets You Play the Hacker

Tackling Security from Another Angle If you’ve ever wanted to throw digital darts at your end users in the name of good security, the time is now. Now in public preview, the Attack Simulator for Office 365 Threat Intelligence is designed to be a more direct tool for threat prevention.  As the name implies, the Attack Simulator is an add-on […]