NSA Discovers New Critical Exchange Server Vulnerabilities

Microsoft released three new patches for its Exchange Server software on Tuesday after the National Security Agency (NSA) alerted the company to a fresh batch of critical vulnerabilities. All discovered flaws, four in total, lead to remote code execution on a vulnerable machine. “We urge all owners and operators of Microsoft Exchange Servers to apply […]

Exchange Online Down in Europe – EX216336

Reports are showing up online that users may be unable to connect to the Exchange Online service. Several users here at Cayosoft report not being able to connect to the full-Outlook client to Exchange Online, however the web based version of Outlook appears to be working. Current status as of 11:55 AM 6/15/2020: We’re investigating […]

Office 365 Hybrid Exchange Migration | What is it

Are you interested in taking advantage of Microsoft’s Office 365 Offering, without losing your on-premises infrastructure? You may need Office 365 Hybrid Exchange deployment. Through a hybrid deployment, you can integrate online Microsoft Exchange with its on-premises counterpart. Without 3rd party software tools there will be more to manage, but the benefits can be enormous […]

Exchange 2010 Support Has Been Extended

The end of support for Exchange Server 2010 has been extended from January 14th, 2020 to October 13th,2020 to give customers more time to complete their migrations. This extension also aligns with the end of support for Office 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. For those ready to move to the cloud, we recommend Office 365 and […]

7 Benefits of Moving Your Mailbox to Exchange Online

7 Benefits of an Exchange Online Migration

Is your enterprise still using on-premises email? It’s time to consider moving your operations to the cloud. You can easily migrate users to a Microsoft Exchange server online, an industry-leading cloud solution. Used by small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, Exchange Online has numerous features and advantages not available through an on-prem service. […]

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Is your organization considering a hybrid Microsoft Office 365 deployment? There’s a lot to think about. In a hybrid exchange environment, an organization is able to connect its on-premises Microsoft Exchange users and cloud users into a single system. There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating an Exchange hybrid environment. Whether it’s right for […]

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchange Web Services Fossilizes, Loses Basic Authentication

Exchanged for a Graph –  The word is out. Exchange Web Services (EWS) will receive no more feature updates, though security and “certain non-security” updates will continue going forward. The same applies to EWS’s SDKs for Java and .NET. EWS will remain available and supported in production environments, but the lack of feature updates means […]

Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets A Fix (Sadly)

Exchange Online Mailbox Sizing Gets a Fix (Sadly)

License to Overfill –  When dealing with complex and constantly evolving technologies, sometimes documentation doesn’t accurately reflect a tech’s actual state. An example of this recently cropped up in Exchange Online mailbox sizing, but with a twist. This time, it’s the documentation that’s correct and the reality that doesn’t match up. It turns out that […]

How to Copy the Office 365 Signature to Outlook Client

Last month I blogged about how our Admin Assistant product automatically creates Office 365 Signature blocks using company information stored in either Active Directory or in Office 365. This post shows how end-users can get the same signature from Office 365 into their Outlook 2013 in two steps. There are several ways to copy an […]

How to bulk create Office 365 E-mail Signature Blocks

The simple and affordable way to standardize e-mail signatures The video shown in this post will explain how to bulk create Office 365 e-mail signature blocks for your office 365 users automatically. If you really want to know why Signature Blocks are useful, read the entire post. If you understand signature blocks you can jump […]