Is it Time for your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Renewal?

Resources to Optimize Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) License Management and Reduce Costs For organizations with 500 or more users or devices, that want a more manageable volume licensing program, the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) provides the ability to buy cloud services and software licenses under one agreement. These enterprise agreements are for three-years and require the […]

How to Minimize Complexity in Managing Microsoft Office 365 Licenses

  Prior to 2014, IT administrators could simply activate their Microsoft licenses by entering a single license key and the organization was good to go. Today, Microsoft’s platform provides dozens of license plans, which allow enterprise organizations to tailor the office 365 services to their specific requirements and budgets. This incredible flexibility requires IT teams […]

6 Tips to Optimize and Reduce Microsoft Office 365 Licensing Costs – Part Two

Welcome to part two of this blog, where we’re covering six tips to optimize Office 365 license costs.  We recently introduced the first three tips in part one of the blog. Microsoft provides numerous license options and flexibility for organizations, but it’s difficult to make informed decisions on the “best” license for each user and […]

6 Tips to Optimize and Reduce Microsoft Office 365 Licensing Costs 

Multi-part blog Microsoft’s Office 365 platform provides dozens of license options, which allow customers to tailor the service to their specific requirements and budgets. This flexibility is great, but it does put the onus on each customer to make smart decisions about license usages to get the most value from Office 365.   To optimize investment in Office 365, administrators and IT teams […]

Free Whitepaper: Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Top 5 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Office 365 licenses are incredibly diverse in both function and price. With a smart license strategy and a few tips, your organization can optimize license usage and minimize costs while simplifying day-to-day license administration.   This whitepaper will illustrate 5 key areas where you can build this critical strategy. You’ll explore how to squeeze the most out […]

WEBINAR: Advanced Office 365 License Management

FREE WEBINAR: Advanced Office 365 License Management Join us for this free online event and learn how simplify Office 365 License Management. Reduce License Costs based on Office 365 Usage, Delegate Simplified License Management, Monitor Remediation of  Tenant License Changes, and much more…  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining […]

Office 365 Charge Back Reporting by Department or Group

Office 365 License Billing Report by Department, BU or AD Group Office 365 charge back reporting is a must due to the growing popularity of subscription based services like Office 365. Many organizations turn to charge back reporting to distribute subscription costs across different budgets or departments that share a single tenant. Cayosoft Administrator now offers on-going license assignment, […]

Optimize & Reduce Office 365 License Costs

6 Methods to Optimize & Reduce Office 365 License Costs Trying to reduce Office 365 License Costs can be tricky. Microsoft’s Office 365 licensing plans are perhaps the most flexible ever offered. Whether operating as a large corporation, small business, non-profit organization or an educational institution, Office 365 provides options for each. But with this […]