Real-World Use Case: Save Time, Ensure Control in Hybrid Microsoft  

  At Citrus Health Network, a health center organization, the nature of the business means many accounts must be provisioned and deprovisioned every month. Yet with 1200 employees, the company has only four people on the infrastructure team, making efficiency critical. It would require a solution that offers secure delegation.    Secure delegation gives intermediate level users of […]

What’s the difference between Microsoft user-based MFA and Azure MFA?

  If your business relies on cloud computing services, it’s essential that you set security defaults that include multi–factor authentication (MFA) to protect your resources. Protecting your user accounts during a sign in event is vital for securing accounts that require privileged access to data and other resources in the cloud. MFA has become the standard in electronic […]

5 Keys To Successful Group Management in Hybrid Microsoft Environments

In collaboration with Microsoft MVP Joel Oleson, based on a recent webinar that we jointly delivered. It was difficult enough to keep Active Directory group memberships secure and accurate before Microsoft Azure Active Directory/Microsoft 365 which throws new group types and group settings into the mix.  Today’s hybrid environments more than double the potential for […]

Office 365 Hybrid Exchange Migration | What is it

Are you interested in taking advantage of Microsoft’s Office 365 Offering, without losing your on-premises infrastructure? You may need Office 365 Hybrid Exchange deployment. Through a hybrid deployment, you can integrate online Microsoft Exchange with its on-premises counterpart. Without 3rd party software tools there will be more to manage, but the benefits can be enormous […]

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Pros and Cons of an Exchange Hybrid Environment

Is your organization considering a hybrid Microsoft Office 365 deployment? There’s a lot to think about. In a hybrid exchange environment, an organization is able to connect its on-premises Microsoft Exchange users and cloud users into a single system. There are both advantages and disadvantages to creating an Exchange hybrid environment. Whether it’s right for […]

Free Brief: Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Governments

Brief - Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State, and Local Gov

Moving to the cloud is a big step for a government of any size. Don’t be surprised by the challenges ahead—let Cayosoft’s experience in hybrid government work for you. Discover the challenges faced by governments moving to the cloud. Learn about Cayosoft’s security, efficiency, and compliance benefits. See how other federal, state, and local governments used […]

PRESS RELEASE: Cayosoft Reduces MS-Hybrid Provisioning Workload by 90 Percent

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Media Contact Cayosoft United States U.S. and International: +1-614-423-6718, ext 301   Cayosoft Reduces MS-Hybrid Provisioning Workload by 90 Percent Manteca Unified School District deploys Cayosoft for Microsoft Hybrid Go Digital Initiative Date: November 18th, 2014 Columbus, Ohio Cayosoft, at the California Educational Technology Professionals Association Conference (CETPA), announced today  that Manteca Unified School District […]