Quickly Export Office 365 User Accounts

Office 365 License ManagementExport Accounts with Admin Assistant

Export Office 365 User Accounts, Create Reports and Automate Tasks

Quickly export a list of your Office 365 users or perform other powerful management tasks with
Cayosoft Admin Assistant for Office 365 for FREE and without scripting!

Other Popular Features:

Plus Powerful Advanced Management Features Like:

  • Assign License by Office 365 Attributes.
  • Assign License by Active Directory Group.
  • License Compliance & Validation Reporting.
  • Supports Multiple SKUs, Plans or Options
  • Create & Distribute Internal Office 365 Billing Reports.
  • Migrate users between license plan profiles.
  • Avoid costly or mistaken license assignments.
  • Optimize use of available licenses.

Pricing from: $2.50 per user or completely free for organizations of 100 users or less.

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