Proactive IT Requires Active Directory Bulk Updates

Active Directory Bulk UpdatesAs the size of Active Directory grows the number of necessary changes also grows. Creating, changing or removing multiple Active Directory users or groups can be time consuming and error prone. Some people turn to PowerShell, but often waste time searching the internet for cobbled together and poorly written PowerShell scripts in the hopes they will work as intended. Admin Assistant was specifically designed to provide bulk management of Active Directory and other systems. By combining these key capabilities Admin Assistant  improves Administrator productivity and ensures smooth systems operation.

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Active Directory Bulk User Updates & Active Directory Bulk Group Updates


Bulk Update Features:

  • Create multiple Users, Groups and other objects from a CSV file
  • Clone a user’s group membership to other users.
  • Update Group Memberships from a CSV File
  • Schedule Import of HR Data
  • Report on Active Directory objects
  • Export Lists of User, Groups and other objects
  • Update attributes for multiple users simultaneously
  • Move users between OUs

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