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Management Tools for Microsoft Exchange
On-premises or Online

The native Microsoft Exchange Administration Console (EAC) good for Exchange Architects and Sr. Administrators, but is to complex and disconnected for day-to-day admins without the possibility of dangerous problems.  Day-to-day administrators need an easy to use integrated interface that allows them to perform tasks across all the systems they manage on-premises, in Hybrid or Online. Cayosoft Administrator provides a unified and easy to use web portal where AD, Exchange, Office 365 and other day-to-day tasks can easily be accomplished. Granular Role-based delegation enforces a least-privileged model and Rule-based policies ensure that task are completed correctly, efficiently and without costly errors. Seamless Hybrid Mailbox Administration means users will not need advanced understanding of your Hybrid Exchange Environment or complex or unsafe scripts.  

Role-based Granular Delegation

Role Based Security makes delegating what users see and do within Cayosoft Administrator simple. One unified set of easy to configure roles enforce a granular least privileged administrative model over all of the systems being managed. Roles do not require the user to hold native Exchange Permissions, so the number of Organizational Administrators and Global Admins is reduced to the smallest number of people possible.

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Simplified Hybrid Administration

Each action they perform may require coordinated management of settings across different systems.  For example, email addresses are managed in Active Directory and Mailbox settings are managed in the cloud. Cayosoft’s Seamless Hybrid Actions allow users to manage the data where it is needed. As managed platforms are added or removed, Cayosoft’s automatic re-configuration of management logic means that the system is simple to configure and maintain.

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Resource Mailbox Management

Resource Forest Management

Free Microsoft Exchange Reporting

Cayosoft Administrator’s Microsoft Exchange Reporting also provide critical visibility over Exchange Configuration, Servers, Distribution Groups, and much more.

You can use these reports to build an inventory of your Teams environment, and analyze it for possible optimization, restructuring or to satisfy enterprise security admins or compliance auditors with Microsoft Teams Reporting to sustain enterprise level security and compliance.

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Cayosoft Administrator The only unified and modern administrative platform

The Cayosoft Administrator Platform is the only unified and extensible platform  that solves critical IT problems across multiple Microsoft Systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business Server and Office 365.  Cayosoft’s Rules enforce least privileged admin permission assignment for maximize security, Rules control how tasks are performed for optimized efficiency and to sustain compliance. Cayosoft Administrator is the only modern platform build with on-premises, cloud and hybrid management in mind.


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